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Friday, 28 May 2021

Texas Lung Shot

 One of the hallmarks of the true sportsman is the discipline required to turn his nose up at marginal shots. The other is to taking the time to make the shot. The whole idea is to get close, put them down with one, and end them fast and clean. Save the challenging difficult shots for the range.

In fact, there is only one animal where Hail Mary shots may be warranted, and dirty deaths are warranted. But that one walks around on two legs, and often has guns of his own.


  1. I've heard that was a Texas heart shot .

  2. As a Texican, I feel qualified to answer this insult - all the more because I've taken that shot! When I was a young man a very nice buck crossed a small clearing half way. Unbeknownst to me, while I was picking up and readying my rifle, the buck turned 180 degrees. I couldn't see either end so I shot where his neck should be. Yep, Texas lung shot. He kicked around and I realized what I'd done and rectified the mistake but I caught a LOT of crap back at the bunkhouse for my shooting prowess. Lesson learned the hard way.

  3. That one would be right behind the ear. Drop like a stone.

    1. If you’re close, and not worried about the cape for a mount, I suppose. I’ve done neck shots on does and meat animals but prefer the boiler room shots. I wonder about that, now that mention it. Consider: a blown boiler room shot can be grim. There may be a protracted chase, the animal may escape but still suffer horribly etc. A blown neck shot is far more likely to be a clean miss which is better for everyone. A solid hit turns them off as quick as a TV set.