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Friday, 7 May 2021

The Filthie Extra Terrestrial Gourmet


I dunno what it is they are doing over at the grocery store. It's always noisy around there and I don't even hear the noise anymore for the most part. It's just back ground noise. But this latest one gets right into my subconscious and sets my nerves off. Remember those stupid alien movies with Sigourney Weaver? Whenever the monsters came out you would never see them at first... but you would hear that awful croaking growl they did. There's a noise like that coming from the grocery store and I have no idea what's making it! Mort is scared chitless and wants to cower by me or hide upstairs.

As everyone knows I am not prone to worry - but
the rest of you better get to the chopper
and get out while I take care of this.

I am going to attempt some hassleback potatoes today and maybe some xeno-steaks on the BBQ might go well with them?

I find these recipes must be written by bohunks and babas. You have to make this butter/sauce stuff for the spuds and it calls for three cloves of garlic! Hell's bells - I used two - and it smells like a soviet cafeteria in here! All I need is some boiled cabbage fumes and I would be down for the count! 

(If you don't hear from me again - no need to screw around, just nuke Aaaadmintin from orbit and maybe Hongcouver and Tranna just to be safe)..

1 comment:

  1. Potatoes with red speedos?

    Those would be Hasselhoff potatoes.