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Thursday, 6 May 2021

The Filthie Gourmet: Stuffed Peppers


Well I had another go at the kitchen and made a helluva mess. I have learnt to treat garlic with respect. If the recibe calls for three cloves, I will only put two in. 

The recibe called for a white onion but I put in a purple one instead. By the time I was finished cutting it up my eyes were running as if Mort had the dawg farts.

I’ve cooked on the burners and in a crock pot before but never an actual oven. I pushed the buttons until the stove worked. The creation worked... but it wasn’t screaming hell. I am an uninspired cook, I can make edible food, and it’ll fuel you up and keep ya going... but it’s bland at best. 

I’m told the extra stuffing can be made into tacos. I will get the wife to bark it up with the extra spices and see how that goes.

I’d give my stuffed peppers 2-1/2 thumbs up out of five.



  1. Mboy - those stuffed peppers are the shizzle. My recipe is pretty simple - 1/2 lb of burger meat with onion for three peppers. I core it from top, leaving bottom alone and stuff the cooked meat inside with slices of cheese. Leave them for microwaving at office for lunch - heavenly smell.

  2. If you use green peppers, be sure to blanche them(dip them in boiling water for 1 minute) before stuffing them. Blanching will take the bitterness out of the pepper. Any left-over rice makes a nice stretcher for the meat. A pinch of cinnamon gives it a middle-eastern vibe, curry powder or garam masala Indian sub-continent. And most stuffed peppers from around the world have some kind of tomato component. You might need a pinch more salt and pepper if it is too bland.

  3. Here ya go BP!

    And Judy is correct - I shoulda put more rice in it too. Judy, I have never heard that about green peppers before. Interesting - I had one left over that I ate today at lunch - a green one - and I think it tasted better today than the ones yesterday. I wonder if aging them a bit does the same as blanching them?

    1. Maybe you didn't bake the peppers into oblivion.(The filling was good as a kid but the peppers were an effort to eat.) I found out about blanching from a cousin who was making a Persian version of stuffed peppers. She added cinnamon and lentils into the stuffing mix along with the usual stuff. They were very good! Meat loaf is better the next day, so why not stuffed peppers.