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Wednesday, 5 May 2021

The New Rural Neighbours

 Gawd. I need an intervention or something. You know the ones where ya hit rock bottom, and then they rescue you - and force you to sit down and apologize to all the people you hurt with your addiction? They did it to that kid on The Sopranos that got hooked on Gab. But the kid was so wasted, he told his Ma to FOAD, and the intervention with the good fellas ended when they gathered round, and they all kicked the stuffing out of him. My intervention would probably go like that. I simply gotta get off Blab!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

My buddy Chris here - struggles with
his addiction to antisocial media too...

But I digress.

We were talking over at TB’s about how a lot of city people figure they’ll just pack up and head out to the country and just get away from it all. A lot of the guys over there have done it and they love it and are enjoying every success with it. But most city people simply aren’t wired to thrive in the country where little things can very quickly become big things. Rural living and properties take a lot of work and savvy to do it right. 

The wanks over on Blab learn us all about the new breed heading out into the rural areas to get closer to nature and away from frantic lunacy of the urban city environMINT:

HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!  Errrmmm... that mail chimp ad is almost certainly an accidental racism - I trust everyone will pay it no heed... or else!😡

Hammer City. Welp. Isn’t that...special. Yannow, even a dope like me can tell that soil will be just great for growing dope. They joggers and nigras will be pullin’ down bumper crops, yo!


Welp, all this talk of Hammer City has left me in the mood for some serious virtue signalling! Nothing washes away my white guilt better than some moldy oldies from the elderly hippies!

I wish all the new citizens of Wakanda Hammer City the very best, and that their new neighbours welcome them with open arms. Have a great Tuesday and thanks again for dropping in.


  1. Do they know how hard it is to farm on mountains? All I'm seeing is a lot of rocks and scrub.

  2. Yeah... This happened in my town. Worse yet, they were ENCOURAGED to move here. 'See, the "city fathers" took FEMA up on an offer of $18K for every Katrina "refugee" it took in. We ended up with BUSLOAD AND BUSLOADS of 'em. Long story short, much of my town now exhibits the same fauna as the worst parts of New Orleans. Whatever they didn't ruin, the illegal aliens and welfare bums invited in by the last "governor" took care of. ...Rural neighbors, my ass... These people come in and bring the ghetto with 'em!

    1. Can you tell us what the general vicinity is of these nice folks is, Pete?

  3. Rich soil?!?!?!?! Rich in what? Rocks? That ground isn't even rich enough to support grazing. Hope they have a vehicle to get out once the snow starts flying or they are looking a Donner Party situation.

  4. Without donations, they will starve in 9 months.
    GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Lol, stylin' and profilin' in a wash.
    Where's a flash flood when ya need one? It also gets COLD at 10,000 feet, nigga.
    P.S. didn't another groidal already try this? What became of them?

  6. "Boy, have I got a deal for you guys! 200 acres, off grid, for only $2,000 an acre! Rich soil, lots of water, fantastic property!"

    Good luck growing tomatoes at 10,000 feet, Fools.

  7. Heh. I was raised on a farm and have family still in the area who make their living from farming and have for generations. I ended up going into tech as an engineer.

    I'm older and have found myself working at times with quite young developers and such and almost to a one have grown up in the city, got their education there and have really no clue what life is like outside of their urban bubble.

    So I'm having lunch with a few of them a couple of years ago and politics come up. I'm in Canada and of course they are all anti-Trump. Discussion comes 'round to things going south and SHTF type scenarios. Like I said these guys are clueless about anything other than coding, Manga, video games and whatever else they're into these days.

    I bring up what are you going here in the city when the food supplies are cut off. This 300 lb arrogant neckbeard (not kidding) say they'll just use hydroponics. I ask him where the electricity is going to come from. He said photovoltaics. OK.

    Oh, his work mate casually informs me that Canadian farmers hate black people. His exact words. WTF. Canadian farmers are too busy working to worry about stupid shit like that.

    As someone said here, Fools.

  8. I think there are a lot of lefty liberals out there in Colorodo, right? If so the neighbours are going to get a very harsh reality on race realism.

    The damage these idiots are going to do if they stay will be huge.

  9. Oh please tell me this isn't a joke...10,000ft, 20 miles to the closest town, no electricity...anyone who stays after the 4th day will have blisters, and sand in their teeth and underware. Internet connection? Stay after the "early" snow that blocks the gravel road. They've got a world of hurt commin. I probably won't even hear about how it ends. worm

  10. You cannot grow crops at ten thousand feet elevation.

  11. Do I see a light pole and utility pole in the background?