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Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Way To Encourage The Youth, Men...


This is the work of gunnies, no doubt about it! How they love to pick on the retards. I’m sensing BP, Pete, Jack, ASM and all the other usual  suspects are complicit in undermining this young twink’s self esteem, and they should be ashamed of themselves. No doubt they’ve done irreparable damage to a young mind, and hampered his personal developMINT!!! 

I woulda used corporal punishment on the revolting little bastid... but whadda I know? I’m just the best and foremost expert on retarded children since Uncle Bob!

I’ve got this little one coming along very nicely. I figure if she can handle the stench and grime of black powder - she can handle anything! That lass will make an excellent armourer one day...😊👍

Young master Hogg, however, might need some remedial coaxing.


  1. Not a widely circulated poll, if you ask me.

    "Would you be interested... in my thoughts?" This, from a gender-ambiguous, amoral twit who commands all the admiration and respect that people of average intelligence give a parking meter.

    The idea that keeps this garbage barge running back to his safe-space is the thought that it isn't the bored conservatives who caused the negative results of his poll; it's the moonbats. Even the moonbats don't want to hear from him.

    1. Jack I live in the heart of Shitlib Central... and there are tons of Lefties getting sick of this shite too. Most of them are buying guns and ammo now too and are driving these damned ammo shortages...

  2. Young Master Hogg is well past his sell by date.