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Monday, 17 May 2021


When I was a kid I used to dream of having a real pistol. I was headed for a Colt Python or a Gold Cup. Then Ruger’s RedHawks and Blackhawks came out. The cool kids had started putting scopes on their pistols too and I thought that was just the greatest thing since sliced bread. I have a Leopold 2X on my Single Six .22 downstairs and the idea has merit. With a good rest you can blap a gopher at 75 yards. 

Maybe it’s age setting in, but some of my toys are starting to feel like ... toys. It used to be the end of the world if I missed a range date, but now? Meh... I’ll hit the range next time, no big deal. The hell of all that is that the pistol is exactly like the sling shot in that you have to use them to get good with them. You have to develop the good habits and then use them from shot to shot to shot. 

I was never any good with a slingshot.


  1. My dad told me his best one was made by an old black man down by the river when he was a little kid. Bois d'arc tree. The old man called it a n-----shooter. That's what dad called them till he passed.

    I had one in college. I sat near the school pool and bounced pebbles off the surface of the pool... most of the time. I got yelled at for leaving pebbles in the pool... I could hit the pool reliably, but that was about it.

  2. Yeah, but in slingshot's favor, that cat that keeps digging in your garden to do its business (soft soil !) is fair game with a slingshot. Wit no noise from shot. A handgun is more permanent solution.

  3. I have a bb gun around here for that, if I were ever tempted to shoot at a cat. If I had children, I would buy one of those high powered nerf squirt guns for the cats and make a sport out of it, HAR HAR HAR!!!

  4. I was always good with a slingshot. I don't know why. My brother bought a wrist rocket and gave up on it after a few tries. I picked it up and knocked over six empty cans at 30 feet or so - without thinking about it.

    I have no talent for shooting otherwise.

    1. The slingshot requires instinctive aiming - like golf, throwing a baseball, or longbow archery. Some folks have a remarkable talent for it and can do stuff that borders on black magic. I always sucked at such sports which made the slingshot a no-go for me...