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Monday, 10 May 2021

Who Woulda Thunk It?


The Covidians have real blood on their hands. Given the absolute unreliability of our mass media, I will not be taking any vaccines from their cohorts in the healthcare services. Although the risk is is still there. I strongly suspect that the vaccines are nothing more than placebos for the vast majority of customers, and a deadly toxin for a few.


  1. Had an interesting encounter at the doctor's office this past week. When I went in early February for routine blood work and annual check-up he was hell-bent on me having the experimental gene therapy because of age, and chronic health problems. I declined. Went in for the quarterly blood work-up-n-review and not a word was mentioned to me. I'd love to know what happened to his stance which almost bordered on religious fervor, but didn't ask(letting sleeping dog lie and all). We will see how the next quarterly appointment goes.

    1. Judy I think you are doing the right thing. Back in my school daze we had to be all over statistical analysis. Pandemics were often used to teach us the basics of exponential functions because they were predictable and constant. All you had to know was what the coefficients of the equation were for any given bug - and you could accurately predict, 19 times out of 20, the death toll within 3~5% for any given population. This is not rocket science, and fairly elementary. As it stands now the hacks are telling us that COVID is essentially a magic bug that propagates in magical ways. There was a time where you would have been flunked and laughed out of the classroom if you came up with a story like the narrative that they are feeding us. It is my conviction that this farce is a hoax and the people responsible should be shot and pissed on. They are frightening the hell out of people, using it as a political weapon and they are even getting people killed with the vaccine and supposed containment measures.

      Now I am hearing blather of an even more magical bug called Covid 21. I would avoid that jab until the last possible moment and would only take the vaccine if they held a gun to my head. If this bug is a magical killer... I am seeing absolutely NO statistically valid evidence for it.

    2. So they are going to try the same BS again? Wish they would get a little more creative with the BS. They are beginning to sound like a Harlequin Romance novel plot-line.