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Monday, 24 May 2021

Why We Lose


The old nickel goes that lies are on their second lap around the world by the time the truth gets out of the starting gate. So it goes for bullshit and common sense. Take this fount of neoliberal intellectualism.Three paragraphs, a couple words each. Well inside the attention span of your average shitlib marxist. 

Let’s apply common sense:

A. Those jobs were never meant to be careers. They were meant for our kids; they would teach our kids to function in a workplace, and teach them the rewards of hard work. But teaching kids and dealing with their issues and mistakes is more expensive than importing coloured labour from the third world, especially these days where the kids are saddled with sexual problems, fragile ego, and low self esteem. Also, by giving their jobs to foreigners, virtue signalling shitlibs like Robert here - can show everyone how virtuous and multicultural they are AND get a cheaper burg in the bargain. 

B. Without these jobs - what are these illiterate third world dreamers going to do? The truth is, they come here and take your kid’s jobs - and send the majority of their paycheque home to their families where they are breeding more kids to come over here and take more jobs.

C. At this point, our shitlib will begin losing focus. If he is smart enough to keep up, he’ll start losing his mind. Most will be screaming about racism and talking about nazis and You Know Who with the moustache and the swastikas. You will usually give up at this point, realizing (correctly) that you are arguing with an idiot. Buddy here will flounce off in a huff, go get lunch at McD’s and then shop at Wally World for cheap Chinese junk afterwards. He’ll complain about the prices and quality too - and blame the corporations. When he gets home, his 25 year old son will ignore him while he plays video games, and his 28 year old daughter studies toward a degree in gender studies.

In short, you have to write a small essay or make in involved presentation to counter his tweet that takes 20 seconds to read. In twenty seconds this guy is a social justice hero. After a lengthy fact filled dissertation - you are a nazi, literally worse than Hitler!

I can rack and fire my pistol inside 5 seconds. It’s something to think about, isn’t it?