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Thursday, 6 May 2021

Your Parents Got Dealt A Shitty Hand Too


Everything this guy says is true.
I’ve seen it.

Hmmmmm. I saw the obvious problems right away with the pretty lies they told the kids. I didn’t stand for it; I made my daughter see the truth of things under while under my roof and she hated me for it and ultimately rejected it. Pretty lies were so much more attractive. I saw the problems with the warm fuzzy schools where it was perfectly fine to fail as long as you didn’t call it that. Her teachers cared more for her self esteem than her education. I pushed my daughter academically and she hated me for that too. She was special, and I was just mean. I tried is all I can say in my defence; and in hindsight I wouldn’t change any of that. I didn’t see the technology trap closing around her as that one caught a lot of us adults too. 

It wasn’t just their parents that set them up for this - their grandparents bought in to this shite whole hog. I fought pitched battles with my shitlib in-laws that I swear, sometimes... I thought they wanted to destroy that kid. They meddled in her upbringing constantly with that crap and I shoulda put a stop to that way before I did. Watching this almost choked me up. When our kids fail, we fail too.

Last week I shot with the stubfarts down at Rocky Mountain House and caught up with some old acquaintances. Chris had gotten laid off from his electrician’s job up north, and started his own contracting job down in CowTown. He’s doing alright... but he flat out refuses to hire millennials now. He said getting an apprentice willing to work is impossible from that age group. There were several tradesmen and a few retirees on the line jawing with us between rounds and they echoed Chris’s sentiments. The kids are flat out more trouble than they’re worth. They won’t work, they won’t take criticism, and they want to be coddled.  This wasn’t the usual grumpy old men bitching about the wise ass kids - it’s flat out generational conflict. The kids hate their elders and the old buggers hate them right back.

What’s going to happen to them? And to us? My kid is in her mid 30’s now, she was at the leading edge of the millennial demographic. When I looked in on her with some low level covert cyber stalking last year ... she still hasn’t grown up. She still day dreams of dragons and playing with the hobbits in the shire. Still hadn’t gotten a driver’s license, still renting... sigh.

I get that the kids got a shitburger growing up. But they ate it up and loved it and they still do. You tell them to put down the phone and they’ll be in tears. Work them... and they’re traumatized and oppressed.
I dunno what this guru expects us older people to do for these kidults. I dunno about you, but I have pulled tendons and my bones are starting to creak and rattle. Some days I have my hands full just drawing my bow. Those youngins are too big to spank now. It’s too late!

I think it’s up to Darwin and Murphy now. What’s going to happen to them? And what will happen to us?


  1. We lived in Houston, and fell in with some home schoolers. My daughter wanted to go to school, so in the fifth grade we put her in HISD. She didn't fit. She was an independent thinker and called out BS when she saw it. She had the respect of her teacher from the git go. Interesting dynamic. She wanted to go to sixth, but I scoped out the skool. I couldn't tell the gang bangers from the teachers. They were all slobs. No dice.

    We schooled all 3 of ours at home. It was touch and go for years. I fought some battles I could have let slide, and didn't catch some stuff I should have. But, for the most part, they made it out with some life skills.

    My daughter is an amazing woman, every bit a peer. Her husband was in my scout troop. I didn't think much of him then, but 8 years in the reserves and some good womanly influence polished off the tarnish and he is top drawer.

    You do the best you can, but the kid will do what the kid wants to do in the end. I made mistakes, but I hold my head up. It could have gone either way.

    1. That is awesome STxAR. It isn't until you homeschool that you see how bad our public schools actually are. Most of the teachers share a maturity level and work ethic with their students, and I wouldn't give you 5 cents for the lot...

  2. My daughter was a little sod, always bunking school, went through a goth phase, drank too much and still can, left school (not as she ever went there) with no quals.

    But, she went into a warehouse just picking and packing after school, got her own flat, several no hope boyfriends.

    Then one day a company came in to her place to do massive upgrades to the systems, she was asked to liase with them because she can communicate at all levels, they spotted something in her and offered her a job, she took it and now some 15 years later she's a senior consultant in that company.

    Got her own house and paid for cars, boyfriend is a decent young man, she has a work ethic honour and morals, she's against all that's gone over this covid crap.
    She's nothing like the usual wingeing thirty somethings and has a healthy distrust of govt and authority.

    It dawned on me only recently why she's like she is, independent and free thinking...she didn't go through the brainwashing that is the modern education system.


  3. Well it looks like your daughter got her poop in a group Lew. I’ve said this before, but there is a sappy old nickel that goes something like:

    “If you love something, let it go.
    If it comes back to you, it’s yours.
    If it doesn’t, it never was...”

    It’s absolutely true. And maybe things are better that way. When my daughter came out of the closet I pushed my homophobia aside and studied queers in depth for about a year. I learned that a large majority of them have nasty “father issues” and use them to justify tearing their families apart. The really, REALLY nasty ones have “mother issues”. Most lesbians are deeply unhappy rage heads that most families are actually better off without.

    I hope our kids find whatever they are looking for...