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Friday, 25 June 2021



There are no words. Anyone that puts a red dot on the King Of Leverguns should be burnt alive at the stake. Then hung. Then drawn and quartered. And then their cranium should be split, and their brains spilled out upon the ground where they can be trod with dirty shoes!


  1. I think they'd learn their lesson with a mild beating about the head and shoulders. It was already defiled with drilling the receiver. Red dots work xlnt for their intended purpose, and you could return the original rear sight. Still, I would have stuck with the peep sight. If that was mine I'd sell it and get 2 Savage 99's, 308 and 22-250.

  2. I would take one of the simple tang sights, maybe.

    When we were kids my wife was going to buy me a Savage 99... and I forbade it because it cost too much money. Biggest mistake I ever made.

    1. I got a "99" story:
      We always took two weeks off to go to hunt camp, 8 miles back in what was once wilderness, staying in an old abandoned logging camp.
      We used an H farmall with a platform scabbed on the back to put all our wangan on.
      The old man always loded his stuff in an old pack basket, and this trip, he put his trusty 99 in withe barrel pointed down.
      When we got to camp, he discovered that the gun had dropped through a hole in the pack basket, through another hole in the platform, and had been dragged for at least a couple miles.It wasn't quite a right angle, but close.
      Later that night, he and my Uncle took what all there was for tools, a claw hammer with a broken claw, a splitting maul, and a couple of sticke of hardwood.
      After bending it back on the front end of the tractor, they then set out to "true it up".
      Once they got it to where they thought it was right, they tied it on to the side of the camp, and pulled the trigger with a string.
      It worked, and then they brought it in with the scope.
      He used that thing for years.
      There's more to the story about this 99 if you like.

  3. Hey now! Some us don’t have eyes that can see the peep sights much less shoot accurately with them. A red dot or scope is our only hope.

  4. It's a crime against nature.

  5. 10 to 1 he is sporting a man bun. I fart in his general direction.