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Sunday, 20 June 2021

Happy Fathers Day


It’s your day, Dad. 

Whaddya gonna do with it? Drag out the fishin boat? Tee off at the crack of dawn in a cut throat golf tourney with the tards and stubfarts or your kids? Maybe a Sunday morning down by the river bank with the .22? Maybe it’s just church in the morn and the lawn mower in the afternoon. It’s all good, inninit?

I hope you get your ass handed to you with the family lawn darts. I hope your son catches a bigger fish than you do, and you have to clean it. I hope the wife smokes you on the golf course, and that the kids catch you when you try to cheat on your score card, HAR HAR HAR! I hope your grandkids find your cookie stash and clean you out! 😂👍

I hope your day is filled with sunshine, beer and love and laughter and the steaks come off the BBQ just right.

God bless you, Dad.

Caution: Dad Music


  1. Coffee till 0930
    Breakfast (sausage and eggs)
    a bait of BBq and lemon meringue pie to honor my dad.
    restful afternoon, after scrambling to save an old truck from over-heating.
    Now, a bit of a restful evening, if it works out that way...

  2. Made pancakes, napped, and put 20 rounds of 7.62x54 through 1939 M91/30. Accurate piece, and would be more so if it didn't take 20 lbs for the trigger to break.