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Friday, 18 June 2021

Hatey Holidays


Is this for real? That it's a holiday for blacks? I heard of kwaanzaa or whatever it was, which was supposed to be black Christmas or some damned thing. These fake holidays are turning into major  sporting events for wanks and the tards as well as the few actual real racists out there. 

I suppose if you are going to have fake celebrations for detestable people that nobody likes - scheduling it during Faggot Month is probably the best time to do it.


  1. It's another excuse for federal employees to take a day off.

  2. Slaves did not hear about emancipation proclamation in Texas until Union forces arrived after war was over. It was referred to as Juneteenth and was sort of a local thing until race hustlers got a hold of it. Rosenbergs were executed on June 19TH 1953 so there is that.

  3. Killing Commie traitor Day????

    I'M IN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A better day would have been the date of the Emancipation Proclamation (Sept. 22nd) or the signing of the 13th Amendment (January 31st) but, well, functionally illiterate asswipes gotta do stupid shit.

    And not-President Mumbles McPudding Brain has to go all pandering to the 'People of Color' (who, strangely, only come from Africa...) so we get yet another day no government employee short of cops or firefighters are going to show up and maybe do their damned jobs.

    Much prefer celebrating Dead Che! Day (October 9th) or, yes, Fried Rosenberg Day.

    Or even Mexican American War Ending (February3rd.)

    Or just about any other day. Like how about the day the Civil War of Northern Aggression actually ended, May 9th. Now that is a day that POC should be celebrating.

  5. It might be a day for NAPAs to celebrate by not going to work......if any were working.

  6. Well, we have King Nig day (MLK holiday) and now Juneteenth. Of the two, the african american community has abandoned King's principles for a set that includes being paid for their ancestors having been slaves 160 years ago and they expect this for the rest of their lives. Hmmm

    Keep in mind who sold their ancestors into slavery.....Why it was their fellow African brothers......and how did they get to be possessions to their fellow African brothers? They either lost the war or they were slow and got caught.

    To summarize we bought the slowest and least intelligent black people from Africa to come here and work and actually live longer lives.

    This whole separate race not part of America crap that the left has encouraged in the black community is going to set them back 100 years if it is kept up. At some point, traditional, respectful Americans who love freedom but expect people to work for it will all rise up and put an end to this.

  7. Hey there Allah damnit. My birthday is tomorrow and my dear departed grandfathers bday is today. I don't recognize the mental disorders now associated with June or fake holidays. Happy Male, Masculinity, FATHERSDAY everyone! Go impregnate someone the old fashioned way!