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Monday, 21 June 2021


Hmmmmmmm. A lot of folks will get mad at me, but I honestly can’t see our countries hanging together much longer. I dunno about you Yanks but up here in Alberta, I can look east and west, and all I see is people I have nothing in common with. They hate us here in Alberta (although they can’t seem to articulate exactly why), and think we owe them money, our loyalty… and blind obedience and silence. 

Maybe a map like this might work out?


  1. idk, think maybe the deep south, appalachia, part of the midlands and far west could live together for a while. as long as i'm with texas and tennessee i'll be good. tidewater can go to hell right along with yankeedom. but you know they'll never let us be, that's just how they are. still, we can dream.

  2. Yup, what Riverrider said. Although, I would have to go county by county in the midlands and a few spots in the far west (Denver, I'm looking at you). We could add most of New France in Louisiana, if we built a wall around New Orleans. We also could probably pick up parts of El Norte but on a county by county bases, again.

  3. I've broached this scenario elswhere, and maybe here as well.
    There are 38 million souls in Canada, and assuming the same approximate ratio as here, a little less than half would be classified as conservative.
    If 15 million US conservatives move to Canada, we own it.
    Vote out the turds in charge now, install a constitution with a real set of teeth to discourage not following it, and build a country.
    Within 10 years, the flyover country to the south would be invited to join us.
    That would leave the coastal shitholes, where most of the problems originated, to devolve into the Venezuela model that they worship.
    This could work except for Quebec.
    Fuck Quebec. Take their land like they did in the Acadian days, and send them back to France

    1. I will let y'all take over Canada. I staying right here in the Phoenix Metro Area. My lungs don't handle the cold and/or all the allergens of green areas any more.

  4. Most of the Midlands west of Harrisburg, PA gets along quite well with most of Appalachia. We are on friendly terms with the Far West and are generally comfortable with the South (except the weather and mosquitoes). We despise the Yankees and their New Amsterdam masters, and wouldn't piss on the Left Coasties if they were on fire. (Why put of the cleansing flames? Toast marshmallows instead!)

  5. why don't we just lay siege to the big cities, the only way out would be to bring two democrat heads with you.

  6. I am thinking most of Canada west of WaWa would rather be counted as Westerners.