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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Looks like Ya Need Another Shot…

When I was a kid the TV networks lived and died to produce the best sitcom series they could. Most were awful, but some weren’t bad. If they got a winner, they’d try to “spin off” other sitcoms from it, often using minor characters from the original as the leads for the new one.

I think we are seeing the same thing now. Because Chinkypox was so much fun… we need another variant  to panic the Karen’s, the Aesop’s, and the other miscellaneous tards that failed grade 11 biology and high school statistics.

Coming soon to your home theatre, folks!

Delta variant, huh? Nice PR work and marketing with that one, fellas… but no thanks. Pull my other finger, guys.

Hmmmm. It dovetails with my pet conspiracy theory… consider:

The chinkypox was a obviously a psyop and a manufactured crisis. Nobody died, really. But the charade had to go on: the world’s crack scientists develop a vaccine. The disease only killed the very old, frail and infirm. But The vaccine kills strong young men that are star athletes. My sources say between 30,000~50,000 have died from the vaccine already. (My favourite was that silly bitch on Twatter, that made herself famous as she railed and ranted about maskless super spreaders and conspiracy nuts like me. She went on Twatter, all brave and noble, posed for pics as she got the vaccine…and was dead two days later!😂👍)  In Europe, authorities are embarrassed as more and more people get the flu they supposedly got vaccinated against. Could the ‘Delta Variant’ be the new bogeyman used to explain all this reality breaking out?

It’s a scam no self respecting tard will fall for…but they fell for the first one, so who knows. The hell of this is that they are setting up for the situation the same as the boy that cried ‘wolf!’. If we ever DO face a REAL pandemic…nobody will believe them when they sound the alarm.

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