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Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Need A Smaller Violin Here, Fellas….


When you hang out with the tards I do, Julia, what
we lack in NOx is made up for
by methane…

Y’know, I’ve heard some of the old manosphere types seriously posit that women shit-test their men as part of their bitch psychology, and the best way for a man to handle it is to bitch slap them into the middle of next week, dominate them, and then bend them over a rail and pour the salami. They’re full a beans, of course… or are they? Maybe that’s what our girl Julia here needs?

Oh well. In sympathy to our downtrodden people of colour, some somber violin music can maybe set the mood for our sorrow.


  1. Is this time for some sort pof lips joke?

  2. They need their men to laugh at them, tell them to shut up and cook dinner, then reward them in the bedroom later. Maintain your frame, keep them following you, never follow them.

  3. An old batch once told me "Promise 'em the world, and give 'em absolutely fuckin' nothin', and they'll love you forever!"