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Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Recycle & Repurpose

My wife has the old Singer sewing machine that has similar ironwork that this chair has. I personally would rather see the original sewing machine refurbed. Apparently you can still buy parts for them to this day. Our old Singer is strictly decorative, the wife has a modern top tier Bernini sewing machine and she is darn good with it. I think it does any number of functions and weird stitches the Singer can’t. She subscribes to the sewing mags and follows the arts n’ crafts sorceresses on OyTube. She has no interest in the Singer though. It sits and gathers dust and is a convenient place to put junk that we are too lazy to put away properly, HAR HAR HAR!

One day I am going to restore that thing even if I have to learn to use it myself. I would hate to see it end up like the one in the pic…


  1. One of my retirement goals was to learn basic sewing.
    When I announced my plan, my wife stated that we didn't need a sewing machine and any necessary hemming or fixes she would simply do by hand.
    Now she says things like, "I need some things hemmed, I will help you set up the sewing machine."
    But she has yet to say, "I need some holes in cardboard, I will help you get out some guns."

  2. I have an old treadle sewing machine that was my great-grandmother's (she died in 2001, at 94). I plan to oil it up, adjust the belt tension, & get my mother to teach me to use it. I've always done my sewing by hand, but it would be useful to know how to run the machine.