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Friday, 25 June 2021

The Funk Of 1000 Dead Animals 🤢


My mind rots.

I’ve seen documentaries on navy life. The submarines are the worst; the bunks on those things have the guys crammed in there like sardines. What happens when a swabbie gets the bed farts? I’ve heard the big carriers have five or six thousand people on them living elbow to elbow now!

I am not squeamish. I’ve proudly shat myself and watched the tards retch and writhe as they died and laughed. I’ve died 1000 deaths the same way. I can take it, and I can dish it out. But now women are on those boats, and if you think us guys reek… I am here to tell you that on bad days, the funk of females could kill a trucker! Or a Marine or a swabbie! I’m not joking either.

It makes me glad that I am becoming something of a hermit.


  1. To earn a few bucks with fewer marketable skills, I worked at a gas station. Two bays, flat tires fixed while you wait, oil changes, grease jobs, bearings packed, and gas pumped. Part of the job is clean up.

    Nobody likes to G.I. the restrooms, but frankly, the men's room was never all that bad. But the ladies room? I left the door propped open one day, hoping air out the stench. You could smell that toilet across the lot, all the way out to the pump islands.

    I'd managed to forget it until just now. Man, that place was rank.

    1. I worked in a theater when I was a teenager. Nothing like finding bloated tampons in the bowl and on the floor! The theater was built in 1929. The plumbing hadn't been updated much when I worked there in the 70's. ...Predictable results...

      No shyte; women are PIGS!

  2. I served on a Coast Guard cutter for three years. We did our best to keep the old girl clean but face it; living in conditions that would make a death row inmate bleat like a goat makes for a stinky place. And this was with modern ventilation! The ship in that picture, dated 1905, must've reeked like a pile of dead elephants!

  3. Had a job in a restaurant when I was young. Job duties included cleaning the restrooms. Ladies
    room were always worse than men. Everytime.