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Saturday, 19 June 2021

What About All The GOOD Things About Cults...?

 Oh my gawd. Yannow if I didn't already have a faith... oh man - I'd be all over this one like a dirty shirt! I'd convert all the tards and stubfarts too. Lookit what these guys get to do:

Life's choices are often not easy and are often fraught with peril. I can either be a christian mediocrity, or a very very good Pastafarian!

Unfortunately, the easiest paths are seldom the right ones, and too often our paths are chosen for us. I can see the attraction here: laying around with no clothes on, communing with a plate of spaghetti and wearing a snappy strainer. I would wear a plastic one for every day casual use, and get one of the shiny stainless steel ones for formal occasions...


  1. Say; isn't that Marie Colander's son?

    And what's with that guy touching base with the hovering Beef-O-Getti monster? ...S-e-e-e-rious history "redefinition" goin' om here, Glen. 'You been out there pickin' mushrooms again?...

  2. Seeking members to expand my Church of the Divine Profit. Make donations via.....