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Monday, 14 June 2021

Winning Battles And Losing Wars


This one is making the rounds. As you might imagine it has received standing ovations from the Usual Suspects. 

But did you see the response? Boredom. Indifferent silence. The board sat and talked among themselves while she spoke. The public education system, whether it’s here in Canada or down in the US… has layers and layers of defence systems and bureaucracies to protect it. Those people didn’t have to be accountable and they knew it. But by Godfrey, she sure showed them! She owned the libs!!! Bet they’ll remember that tongue-lashing for a long time eh!

And the next day, those pudgy single Marxist teachers were probably pushing not only critical race theory, but homosexuality, 5th wave feminism and radical left agendas at the kids. They aren’t going to stop, they don’t have to. The only way to stop this is to go down to the school with a mob, drag the teachers out by the hair, and beat them with a baseball bat. But then you open yourself up to their police and their courts. They will not forgive anyone challenging the establishment in a meaningful way. You will be ruined if you try.

I tell everyone this in all sincerity: get your kids out of public school NOW. Home schooling has taken off over the years and many church groups administer broader, privately funded parallel programs to help and support home schoolers. Many of the volunteers are former school teachers themselves. If you want your kid to get an academic education, this is the only way. Or an expensive private school.

All this woman did was perform for the cameras and annoy some minor shitlib grifters. If you send your kid to public schools, not only will they be exposed to drugs and perversion… but demographics are now such that vibrants are a big problem. From what I am seeing, schools with a sizeable negro presence are the worst. Your kid will be exposed to gangs, assault and rape too. The schools will take no responsibility or do anything meaningful to prevent it either. The sad fact is that most teachers are union slobs, and your kid means nothing to them except maybe as a bargaining chip for wage negotiations. We have several ‘public school educators’ in my family, and all I can say is that I am no longer influenced by them and glad of it.

I am glad that people are starting to wake up to the problems though. Politics are just the tip of the iceberg with our public schools. Uncle Bob used to say that public schools should be burnt to the ground with the teachers trapped inside, and the ground that they stood on should be salted afterwards.

He wasn’t wrong.

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  1. Yep.
    Share the vid.
    By golly she really owned them!
    Meanwhile, the kids minds keep getting twisted and inverted, teachers and skool system dole out the agenda, and salaries and pensions keep on gettin paid.