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Monday, 28 June 2021

You Arrogant WORM!!!

 Your back aches for the whip! I’ll see you FLOGGED for your effrontery!!!

What if WL Emery and rest those frauds at the Royal Geographic Society see that? I could get black listed at the country club!!! All my martial and gentlemanly credentials are called into question!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh. This fine dragoon
settles the nerves and relieves the eyes after that

It’s a sad day indeed, when a gentleman of my sterling character can be besmirched by any passing blackheart or cudgel… and now I’ll probably catch the hell of it from that unsavoury crowd of ruffians that have a penchant for suppository guns with unmanly smokeless propellants!

There is no justice in this world, save that little for which we make for ourselves…🙁


  1. Heeeyyyyy! There's muh gun! Except I got the brass framed "rebel" version. In this case, I think you could substitute "rebel" for cheap. Still, it shoots way above it's station in life. I'm glad yer gettin into vintage stuff, it's more interesting.

  2. Pay no attention to the children playing in the tree house. Eventually they'll get into a game of hangman and the parental units will belatedly get involved - and that will be that.

    My brother owns a LeMat revolver that shoots pretty well. His is a reproduction of course, but it's black powder and will send nine shots downrange in good order, plus one 20 gauge shot shell barrel, good at three feet - the barrel being some two inches long with open choke.

  3. I knew you'd like that orange thing... don't deny it. ha ha ha When I spotted it in the case my first thoughts were of you. I go through the trouble of posting a picture of it and all I get is insults.. sheesh!!! what the world coming to!!!!

    1. We live in trying times, M. I started this blog for emotional support with all my psychiatric problems... ;)

    2. Well that explains a lot... its OK we love you despite your faults.

  4. Yeah I dunno what to think about these guns. I hear quality is all over the map on them. Guys complain of all kinds of probems with the Uberti and Pietta guns, but my 1860 Army literally has a match trigger on it. When I take care with my casting, loading and marksmanship, this thing shoots into 3-4 inches offhand easily. Mine has been a total sweetheart....