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Monday, 19 July 2021

A Question Of Duty And Responsibility

Did that happen?  Did I actually really hear that?

Yesterday in the wife’s little chapel out in the country, Mel decided to do the Sunday speechin’.  He’s a good fella - they all are. But quiet, polite Mel had a zinger cooked up for the Sunday show.

He basically read  the biblical riot act to the women. He started by admonishing them by saying that the church wasn’t about them, high fashion, socializing and gossip - and backed it up chapter and verse as per the Bible. Apparently women are to be silent in church, and subservient to the men and God who would run the show. If they were allowed to lead, confusion, consternation and acrimony would result. He’s seen it, apparently - I suppose we all have by now, and not just at church. I desperately tried to keep my face neutral but I caught myself smirking rudely a couple times. I’ve written at length of the antics of the shitlib women that destroyed my family. I dunno how their men stand it… in a lot of cases they didn’t, and their families fell apart too. For us at the chapel, The womenfolk were to be humble, godly, and earn their respect through humility, obedience, and good works! When’s the last time you heard wisdom like this? He went on at length about it. Men are expected to accept rebuke and correction… but we specifically do not ask women to anymore.

The last boot up the arse came: when this kind of lunacy happens, and women are driving the crazy train - it’s the sole fault of the men, not the women. That got me right between the eyes. Men are too quick to abdicate their responsibilities, and if you let women start making your decisions - what happens is your fault, on you, and serves you right. Mel wasn’t mean or nasty or a Bible thumping arsehole about any of it, he just laid it out as he saw it. His words stung; I saw a few couples steadfastly not looking at each other.

It was probably one of the bravest presentations I’ve seen at that church. Rebuking and admonishing women for despicable behaviour is pretty much a thought crime nowadays, and can get you unpersoned, cancelled and banished. In fact, I haven’t seen it done in a public venue in decades. Although they didn’t say anything, I saw a few smouldering ladies afterward. I saw a few men looking resolute too. I think a lot of us chatted with our wives at home about it later.

When we got home the old lady wouldn’t bring it up, so I did. Between us none of this was an issue, really. We make all our important decisions together and talk about them. In fact, the last big decision I made by myself was to get the shitlibbed women in my family off my back by refusing to submit and defer to them. My wife stood by me then; I am blessed with a truly godly wife. 

I just wonder how a man is supposed to do his job and duties and be true to his women these days. That kind of degeneracy is everywhere now, Irish would be surprised at how widespread this crap actually is. Errrr… a tip of the hat to the Feral Irishman. Somewhere, a father weeps, wonders what happened to his daughter, and what in hell to do about it. What can he do? Too often, I see men just cave in and go along to get along in hopes of preserving something of their families. They don’t have the courage to think it through: what kind of family can you have with such people? If you acquiesce to it… what kind of man are you? That twink will be applauded by the establishment for standing up for her beliefs and convictions. Shouldn’t a man (a father) do the same?

I think I’d tell Mel that if a father opposes lunacy like this in women, and refuses to submit to, support and enable it… and the young lady proceeds with it anyway… does that not let the father off the hook, and place the responsibility for any fallout on the woman herself? At some point, don’t women have o be responsible too, and take some ownership of the causes of their unhappiness?  When and where do our responsibilities to these wretches end?

I am beginning to think that in the last days of our societal collapse, it becomes more and more a case of “play stupid games with stupid people, and you’ll win stupid prizes.”


  1. 1 Corinthians 14:34
    34 Let [your] women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak; but they are to be submissive, as the law also says.

    The word 'your' does not appear in some translations. Other translations use the word 'wives' instead of 'women'.

    The phrase or point of contention is 'women keep silent', which many people (mainly women) take to mean that the men can talk all they like and say anything that comes to mind, while the women have to sit quietly and take it. Not so.

    The word 'quiet' doesn't translate well. It's actually the shush sound that every child learns from his dear mother. The shush means to behave yourself; it does not be mean to be quiet or silent. When a small boy is shushed, he may get wise and remain silent when he should be singing. Told to sing, he'll keep singing when he should button up. If he keeps this up, he's going to get taken outside for a stern talking to and perhaps a sharp slap on the bottom. Ah, well.

    One reason for the behavior issue is that men and women used to occupy different side of the pews; men on the left, women on the right (or vice verse). The two sides would argue, shouting back and forth. This shushing put a stop to the arguments.

    The idea that women are not permitted to speak in church flies in the face of prophesy. Women would prophesy in church.

    The idea that is often omitted or glossed over is that with authority comes responsibility. If the man rules the household, and he does, he's also responsible for the household, and his feet are not often held to the fire for that.

    1. Thank you for that clarity.

      I, too, believe women drive the crazy train which is why society in general is currently in such dire straits. I have told the hubs men made a mistake giving women the vote because we tend to vote for security over freedom.

      That said, I confess the “women keep silent” raised my hackles somewhat as it conjured up subservience and women being not worthy of recognition. But what it meant to me evolved into the hysteria that possesses women when not called out on their behaviors; we spool-out easily and should be reined-in when necessary. The lack of confrontation has produced what is currently known as the “Karen” meme.

      Feminism has produced generations of women who self-righteously thumb their noses at Society in general and men in particular. This selfish attitude has harmed children and destroyed families and all because “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle”. These women celebrate their “independence” by murdering children as they celebrate their abortions.

      It is disgusting, demeaning, and diminishes humanity.

      But men also have the moral obligation to put away their childhood and become men.
      Men have every right to expect and demand respect from others, including their wives and children, provided they act in a Godly and protective manner towards their families, thereby informing Society they will not tolerate any untoward harm befall their households. Society responds by protecting the rights of men to uphold their positions. But that means they no longer have the excuse of luxuriously sprawling on mommy’s couch, playing video games, demanding food be delivered while waiting for their government check.

      Goodness, how I have run on!

      Allow me to thank Glenn and Mad Jack; there is a lot of wisdom in their posts!

    2. Ah-ha! You see that?

      Allow me to thank Glenn and Mad Jack; there is a lot of wisdom in their posts!

      The name 'Mad Jack' and 'wisdom' in the same sentence, with a large quantity specified. What's more, this is from a reliable, sober, kindhearted individual - not like some of your other users, Glen Filthie.

      I feel better about myself. Let's have a little more respect around here.

  2. Mad Jack,

    I suggest you consult an interlinear version of the Bible to help with exegesis. Interlinear is a word for word translation of the original Greek (NT) or Hebrew (OT), note it reads right to left, with English below. has an interlinear version. Here are links to the KJ and interlinear versions:

    Clearly the word "your" is not in the original Greek. And if you follow the link for word 4601 to Strong's concordance and read how the word is used in other verses, it is clear the meaning is "to be silent."

    The day I stopped putting up with my ex-wife's disrespectful ways was the beginning of the end of our marriage. Let that be a warning of a potential consequence to husbands who want to walk more closely with God and do things His way. Can two walk together unless they agree - Amos 3:3? A house divided against itself cannot stand - Mark 3:25. I made my decision and, as painful as my divorce was, I am much happier and I have a much better relationship with God. It is better to live in the corner of an attic than to live with a contentious woman - Proverbs 25:24.