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Saturday, 17 July 2021

A Real Good One Up At Camp Borepatch

A lot of good, smart folks agree with ASM on the futility of the war in Afghanistan.  The comments are all first rate too.

I have one huge quibble: they echo the stuff we see in the mass mainstream media. When I start agreeing with them on anything, the first thing I do is double check my moral compass and my assumptions. At best, those media morons are right twice a day. The rest of the time they are flat out wrong, or pushing propaganda from their paymasters.

There are so many forces in play now, that we know nothing about. How many potential Arafat’s, Gadaffi’s, and Saddam’s got cut off at the ankles in Afghanistan by exploding daisy cutters? With those mutts dead and gone… how many people lived that might have otherwise died? Are there any Einstein’s, doctors or judges among them? We will never know. I do know that I am not seeing jet planes being flown through sky scrapers by yodelling moslem mutts. I am not seeing any high profile mudflaps promising rivers of blood, and threatening to kill our sons and rape our daughters. They aren’t dancing in the streets and celebrating terrorism anymore. Nobody wants to notice these things. The media sure as hell doesn’t want us to notice anything outside their narrative. These unseen forces and influences are now in motion, and as America goes into retirement as the World Cop… oh boy. I see changes coming that promise to be as big a headache as the ones we had before. 

It’s time to leave Afghanistan for sure…but I don’t think going there was a mistake. The Taliban beheaded toddlers and had public hangings for political prisoners to kick off their soccer games. They’re animals and they intended to mass produce terrorists, and export them across the globe. Prior to Afghanistan terrorism worked. These small countries could humiliate big super powers by murdering their citizens with impunity. The Reaper drones put a nice end to that notion. Sure, they can strike us anywhere, any time. But we can strike them back now too. A lot of these moslem leaders now have their own wretched skins in the game and it shows. Remember that Iranian general a couple years back? He authorized the shelling of an American compound and killed a couple soldiers. Then he flipped the bird at Trump and publicly dared him to do something about it. He and most of his entourage were dead 24 hours later, shredded by drones. Gangsters and predators notice stuff like that, even if our pundits don’t. Much of that technology was perfected in Afghanistan.

America went to Afghanistan and tried to do the right thing. For some folks, the only difference between right and wrong is a gun, or some money, or a pussy and there’s no dealing with them. What matters is that Americans and Canadians went, and no… it wasn’t all a loss.


  1. Good points, take the profit motive out of it with our politicians being heavily invested in the war machine and those same objectives could have been achieved in 20 days instead of 20 years.

  2. The amount of heroin from Afghanistan poppies is most of the world's supply. That's what is wanted, manipulated, and determines how the country is run. From my perspective, it's all been a huge drug war, but not to prevent the addiction. There's huge amounts of money to be made, and every criminal enterprise - including Western governments - want's a piece of the action.

    1. Well maybe I am just being naive, fellas. I get that way sometimes.

  3. I don't know Glen. I think I agree with you.

  4. Glen, I am in no way a geopolitical strategist (better folks than I am), but I think it could have been divided into two parts: the first part, the apprehension of Bin Laden, and the second part, which was effectively state building. That part, we should have never done in retrospect.

  5. Check out big country ex patriot the intrepid reporter. He sheds firsthand light on the cluster fuck Afghanistan was.