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Monday, 26 July 2021

An Odd Silence

 HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!  HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR! 😂👍 Welp… she did get the title right. But the rest of it is as you’d expect from a special ed kid. I dunno how to get through to poor little Misfit. She either needs another box of Chardonnay or more corporal punishment with a bigger shovel. The silence from that corner would be a blessing.

Our other Emissary From Heaven has gone into what I would call a promising silence. I notice my buddy Aesop isn’t peddling chinkypox anymore. He’s finally developed the smarts to stop digging maybe?

I was hearing that in Europe, about 80% of the new Covid cases are among the folks that got vaccinated, but then it got bumped down to about 60%. According to Misfit and the stupid kids…it’s all the fault of ignoramii like me! Her vaccine will only work if I take it too? Ummmmm….yeah.

But let us be perfectly candid: if you are moaning and sobbing and masking up because of Covid at this point, it is because YOU are the stupid fuck. The danger now lies in the direction of the boy that cried “Wolf!!!” 

Don’t be neurotic; be vigilant and cautious.


  1. And if you are sick...Stay matter what the hell you have came down with...tell everybody you are sick and leave me alone until I heal up. That includes the grocery store(they think that's where my younger brother picked up meningitis), work (where I have gotten the flu repeatedly), school(where my older brother and sister brought home mumps and measles) and the neighbors (where my younger brother brought home chicken pox).

    1. It ain't all about you. People get sick. Period. People also have bills to pay and jobs they need. Yes many places will fire, er, lay you off, if you take too many sick days. Then what, sweety?

      Hey! How about you just stay home?

  2. Sheesh. I haven't been to that place in a long time. The hatred is still strong over there.

  3. "I notice my buddy Aesop isn’t peddling chinkypox anymore."

    Ebola season is starting up pretty soon. :)

  4. I go to Misfit once i awhile to get a sense of just deranged these people are. My wife reads a blog call cup of Jo. Same thing, east coast urban liberals. truly clueless people. Loved to see what they would think of Gab. Aesops rule is never admit wrong or apologize. The last year and a half have proved him wrong. enough said

  5. From
    "The CDC announced on Wednesday that the RT-PCR tests used to tell millions of Americans they’re infected with Covid-19 has been unable to accurately differentiate between the various coronaviruses. Of particular note is the inability of these tests to know whether someone is infected with Covid-19 or influenza."
    ....... So basically all the stats they have cited to justify this whole chinkipox fraud clusterfuck are bogus and they just admitted it...

  6. I'm sure it's painful for Aesop to realize that he is mostly now regarded as The Boy Who Cried 'Wolf' vis-a-vis Covid. Glad to see he finally took his STFU meds.

  7. friend of my husband's was diagnosed with crona 19
    he was then vaccinated against it [???]
    has has lots of side effects and was told he is eligible for corona 19 disability

    why are people trying to mask everyone else when they have been vaccinated ans
    d are wearing mask themselves?
    if the vaccine works there should be no panic among the vaccinated.

    crazy as loons

    saw a pbs program a few weeks ago where it was gently suggested that the unvaccinated be called slackers, loudly and in public

    all in preparation for the mark of the beast?