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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Best Music Video Of All Time

 Now  that I have time I am forced to entertain myself in unhealthy ways. I am watching Suits on Netflix and will admit I enjoyed some of the more cretin-like episodes. I often laugh at the wrong stuff - like where that terrible black chick that runs the office is peeved because she got her job through affirmative action. Of course I am supposed to be outraged... but all I could do was laugh. In the bad old days she wouldn't have gotten the job at all because EEEEEVIL RACISM, but nowadays she gets special treatment and a plum job because of her skin colour - and she's mad about that too! HAR HAR HAR!!! Most of America's human trash is in either New York City or the state of California I guess. 

I do like the title theme music - and the video is first rate.

Take your ease and enjoy.

Does anyone just go to the washroom and drop a deuce
Apparently not!


  1. Well that was a different kind of video, but a good one.

  2. And they want us to believe that haughty high yaller is a named partner at a fancy NYFC law firm. Yeah, righhhhht. But Donna, mmmmm, the show's worth watching just for her.