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Saturday, 31 July 2021


I know men that will bugger around, swapping out the chokes
on their scatter guns. 
I don’t.
My Italian Cheapomamamia side by each
came with full and improved cylinder chokes.
I can miss with both.


  1. I always use the lightest Skeet loads available. Since I'm gonna miss anyway, there's no use beating up my shoulder over it. They're usually cheaper to boot!

  2. Ya knooow, they sell them things that carry five or six shells and you only hafta pull the trigger again and again and again.
    I'm pretty fond of those shorty shells. I can get thirteen or fourteen in it,,can't remember.

  3. Screw chokes! How do you clear the room if the shot doesn't scatter???

    MEN fight to protect their women and children. 'Nuff said...

  4. Getting ready for dove season down on the Texas/Mexico boarder. This first thing I noticed in that picture was the lack of shells, the AVERAGE is seven shells per dove....
    The daily limit is 15. I usually burn through the better part of a case on these weekend trips. Good times!