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Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Buzzwords & Catchphrases

Saw this one over on an Blab…

I an getting old enough that I come across the younger crowd and often I have no friggin idea what they’re talking about and can’t figure it out from the context. It’s disconcerting, especially when I see stuff like this. What in hell is a “Judeo-Christian? Is that like a white woman pretending she’s black, or a man, or something in between? 

I hang out near the edgier pundits and the outright crime thinkers. In years past I stood firmly with Israel, and sympathized with victims of antisemitism. I have since withdrawn my support for them and now adopt a stance of indifference. I’m not going to get into it, I have seen things you can’t unsee. In my circle it’s called ‘The JQ’ or the Jewish Question. I have seen arguments against the idea that these guys are our friends, and solid evidence that is beyond question or doubt. I will not take up arms against them, but nor will I ally myself with them or actively support them anymore. 

I’ve been berated for that too. “Filthie you idiot! You’ve been listening to poisoned minds and half truths!!!” Hmmmmmm. ‘Half-truths’? Does that mean there is such thing as a half-lie? If so, why is a half lie about them better than a half truth? To even talk about this stuff or ask questions is heresy and apostasy for some folks.

In the days ahead we are going to find ourselves in tough straights where we are going to have to ask some really tough questions. How we got there, who was responsible and what to do about them. We are going to have to be damned careful about the answers that come back. Now would be a really, really good time for folks to start shooting straight with each other, and for friends to safeguard each other’s interests.


  1. "Now would be a really, really good time for folks to start shooting straight with each other, and for friends to safeguard each other’s interests." Right on! And well said. I guess I'm an MLK guy on people groups and individuals.... It's character that counts, nothing else matters.

    In my study of scripture (nearing 41 years) Israel was chosen not because they were strong, not because they were perfect but because they were weak characters and shady. Who better to show the work of the Almighty, than them? It doesn't take much to polish a clean new car. It takes a lot to make a rust bucket barn find into a show car. And cars don't have their own will and independent thinking.

    One of my instructors years ago was a Jew that came to know Jesus as savior. He told a story of his neighbors in whatever eastern European country he lived in as a kid, marching through the street with crosses, looking to punish the "Christ killers"... and some of his folks got burned out. A pogrom. That is the cartoon up top. Nothing different. That nail AND that hand are Judeo folks.

    So here's the flash card history/theology lesson. The OT is full of animal sacrifice. That is like buying on a credit card. Israel was paying for their sins on credit by doing what God commanded. Hebrews tells us that the blood of bulls and goats is ineffective because it had to be repeated. But Daniel mentions the actual calendar date for the Messiah to come. And Isaiah explains that He will be the sacrifice. And John the Baptist (next to the last OT prophet) said, "Behold the Lamb of God, that takes away the sin of the world." His death was the payment of that credit card debt, and all future sin debt that would be applied to His account. The seal on that deal was the ripping of the curtain between the holy place and the holy of holies from top (God's position) to bottom (man's position). God made the way, because man can't. Grace and mercy. It is the reason Jesus came here. He was born to die that way. And the resurrection is the validation of the seal. Like 2 witnesses.

    If He hadn't been sacrificed, there was no hope. That's why the devil tempted Him: skip the pain, I'll give it to you now. Shortcuts like that lead to disaster.

    Hopefully, not too rambly.

    1. War doesn't care about character. We didn't quiz each German soldier, we shot them. We didn't send questionnaires to the Japanese, we bombed them.

      In a race war, your skin is your flag.

  2. in the end the only solution is; "not my monkey, not my circus"

  3. In a war for survival, it's "us" against "them".
    Best to be darned sure who "us" is.
    It sure ain't "them".

  4. I dunno about the theological aspects, STxAR. I am new to the faith, and based on my limited knowledge you are entirely correct.

    In the modern world, here and now…? I don’t think these guys are our friends. In fact, I am beginning to regard them as enemies. I don’t think they should be made into soap or lampshades… but I no longer trust them or will willingly support them. They are not the innocents they claim to be.

  5. STxAR is on the right track. Jesus wasn't a Jew, as we understand "Jew" today. In fact, He preached against the traditions of men, which today is called Talmudic Judaism.

  6. Vox Day has a post up on this very subject today :