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Saturday, 31 July 2021


Every day we are confronted with more evidence that our leaders are nuts and have to be disregarded, if not replaced. Are you Yanks seriously going to draft your daughters and send them to fight for you? 

Years ago I was down in Aaaaaaaaadmontin's river valley park system in the scorching summer heat. A string of squaddies popped up on the trail. Their ever-indulgent commanders had decided to treat them to a nice walk in the park too - with a full ruck, head-to-toe cadpat and heavy combat boots. But the boys embraced the suck and called out rude jokes to each other, encouraging their friends to stroke out and give their mates a chance to rest. Mommas were insulted, intelligence, ancestry, and sexual prowess were questioned - and the boys tramped past. Nobody was going to stroke out in this heat and if he did, he would never live it down. That much was obvious. Five minutes further down the trail a huffing, purple faced fattie popped up on the trail - looking like she was going to stroke out any second. She was heavier than I was and probably less fit - and I am in bad shape. 

These power wahmen are going to get themselves and their squadmates killed. 


  1. Back not distant, it was all taken care of because the amazons only had to hit 55% of so what the males had to. So if a male had to hit a 100, she only had to do 55.

    Who makes honour trooper you ask? Well that would be the amazons and the mini-me types because their test scores were high, and they met all their physical tests. And boy did they rub it in to the others.

    When it came time to picking up the wounded and running their own 300 plus pounds and their 300 lb casualty to the helicopter in the sandbox, the amazons and mini-me types couldn't get it done. But the big guys, they made it happen again and again.

    I remember a congress critter saying that if amazon firefighters couldn't lift a victim they could just drag them down the stairs.

    What a fiasco. And we haven't even touched on the dynamics of men and women in the same unit. Jealousy, sexual tension, and "protect the women" instinct, all comes into play. Unit delamination, instead of cohesion. But that may be the plan....

  2. I believe that since the powers that be decided that women could be in combat roles, then they also should have to sign up for the selective service to! The one thing should be all male units and all female units that way the usual problems that STxAR pointed out. They wanted eqauility well you got it girl!!!!grayman

  3. What a terrible idea! Only someone without a daughter would be in favor of that. Volunteer females in the military, sure. But don't draft the poor girls who are still trying to be good women.

    1. It is a good idea, and yes i have 2 daughters!!!grayman

  4. the problem is getting the men killed by their uselessness or worse