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Friday, 30 July 2021

Filthie’s Four Shot Front Stuffer


So how in hell does this thing work? Ya seat a round ball and a charge down the pipe… and then seat another one in front? It’s a great concept until WL gets soaked in gin, and fires the rear charge before the front one while a white rhino bears down on him…

I think we better have him stick to his Rigby’s and Holland&Holland’s for now…


  1. Only two barrels Glen? Are the second set for looks only?

  2. That's interesting, and I would not be willing to try it out.
    There is some data on the internet.
    The loading technique is called superimposed loading.
    Here's one in New Zealand.
    And another got sold at an auction site.

    1. Thanks for the link John. Interesting that they note that there were safeties to prevent the backload from not firing before the front load but the guns were not considered particularly safe. One of those "I would like to see it theoretically shot, but probably by a robot" sorts of things.