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Sunday, 18 July 2021



It is carefully sculpted - but most fetching on this young goddess none the less.

I have never had any luck with my hair so it is just as well that it all fell out, and I shaved off anything that was left with a bic! My beard is trimmed to minimum length or I start looking like Rasputin off of Popeye the Sailor or maybe a bald headed Unabomber. I gotta tell ya - there are times when envy gets the best of me and I start hating handsome devils like WL, Jack and TB that can reduce the prettiest women to mush with a sly look. Hair can be a blessing or a curse.

Blessings and curses indeed.

The Memory Hole is often spoken with derision, housing as it does our inconvenient truths and facts. It comes as something of a shock to see it actually contains garbage that actually belongs there.

Have a great Sunday you guys. Thanks for dropping in!


  1. Hair
    Always felt sad for Berger.

  2. Gooble sez it's Jeanne Crain. Not sure how accurate, but another one of those that force me to believe I was born 50yrs too late.