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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Pacific Rim’s Eatin’ Ya Lunch, Uncle Sam…

 And it serves ya right, too!🤬

The other day I was challenged by the ignoratti, who foolishly posited that ketchup (not catsup, say it right) - had no place on a hotdog.

I’m sorry… I gotta pause here to let my heart rate and righteous rage subside a bit. I’ll be alright! Just give me a minute! 😡😡😡😡😡

My authority on this important topic will not be mocked! Get a load of these clippers as they take the lowly hotdog to dizzying heights! The fags on the hotdog carts in NYFC couldn’t match them!

So yes, I am indeed correct!
Ketchup IS a necessary condiMINT for hotdogs.

Jeebus! You gawdbedammned Yanks have July 4 tomorrow!!!
You shouldn’t need me to sort this stuff out for

That is all. Carry on - and if I hear one more word about ketchup not having a place on a hotdog… there’ll be hell to pay!


  1. If you want tomatoes on your hot dog, then get them diced, like God intended .....

  2. Nope: Dirty Harry in Sudden Impact, "Nobody, I mean nobody, puts ketchup on a hot dog."

    I prefer spicy mustard and pickle relish or sauerkraut on a hot dog. Or a chili cheese dog with spicy mustard.

  3. As a natural born American (and Texan for extra points) who's great intelligence has just been successfully insulted (congratulations); let me state for the record that red sauce made out of tomatoes (ketchup, catsup, whatever)verges on the treasonous and NO patriotic American would stoop so low as to put it on a hot dog. Much less an actual Southron!
    Whatever those Orientals are making looks good but it ain't in any way a hot dog.
    Go back and make yourself a Vegemite Spam dog - with Ketchup to comfort yourself and calm your nerves.

    I concede the point about the Fags in NYFC.

  4. Ah, the perennial hotdog debate. Depends on how your mama served it to you as a child. This also applies to chili, pizza, hamburgers and above all else, potato soup.
    My all time favorite hotdog is a chili-cheese-dog with extra onion and spicy mustard. My go to hotdog, at home, is ketchup and mustard, boiled or fried.

  5. You never put Ketchup on a hotdog!

  6. Hot dog, chili cheese dog, whatever, if it doesn't have catsup on it, it's in violation of the hot dog law. Penalties may involve feeding the inventory of hot dogs to the dogs in jail.

  7. I used to like getting a hot dog or a Polish sausage at our local drag strip. The condiments were in those old stainless bins which probably hadn't been cleaned since 1967, with plexiglass lids that had been in the sun all day. They also sold beer, so enough alcohol would kill all those pesky microbes.
    Happy Treason Day, fellow patriots.

  8. Mustard and sauerkraut...

    Adding anything else is just trying to disguise the fact you bought inferior hot dogs...

  9. It's one of Schrodinger's anomalies. You get a hot dog and put on mustard, relish, chili, sauerkraut, and onions, and it's a hot dog with a bunch of condiments. If you put on catsup, as the first molecule of catsup makes contact,time-space inverts for a zero time period and it's not a hot dog. Catsup goes on hamburgers, every American knows this.

  10. Go to Chicago, find a hot dog vendor and ask for ketchup on your dog. He'll throw the bottle at you and tell you to "Rune it yerself!"

  11. Ketchup, yellow mustard, onion and sometimes a strip of crispy applewood bacon.