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Friday, 16 July 2021


 M is still trying to suck up by buying lavish gifts in hopes that I will forgive him after all the rotten things he said about my wonderful Jet Boil camp stove. As a peace offering, he has offered to buy me this one off of Flea Bay:

What a wonderful piece of history - it’s a WW1 military camping stove in magnificent condition. Whoever the previous owners were… they sure took care of it. I dunno how they keep the copper from doing the patina thing? Wouldn’t you have to polish it? And wouldn’t you taste that in the food?

Unfortunately I’m not interested in being peaceable or reasonable with M, it’s more fun being angry at him. I will continue to use the Jet Boil camp stove whether I am stealing ancient gems from booby trapped Tibetan temples, or on safari with WL Emery. M will be heartbroken, but them’s the brakes.


If you have a soft spot for antiques as I do, it’s going for $450.00 - and M sends us the link:


  1. Food is often cooked in copper kettles, Glen. I guess people around the world discovered by accident that copper kills germs and viruses. That's probably why the stove was made of copper in the first place...

    1. Do they polish them ordinarily, Pete? I thought copper turned green and oxidized. Are these utensils alloyed with other metals?

      I know enough about this to be dangerous and that's it...