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Friday, 23 July 2021

The Filthie Pineapple Mafioso


Yeah baby! Ya likin’ that, ain’t ya, Tony? Doesn’t it make ya wop
heart sing wit joy? Would ya like some more?
Or would ya like some MOAR!?!?
Put a little more pineapple on ‘is pie, Quartermain! He likes it!
He fuggin LOVES it!!!

Fuggetabaddit. Ol’ Tony’s gonna come around. Quartermain and da boys can be most persuasive. The wops know who da king a da kitchen is now.  It’s da rest a you wise guys I’m worried about. Anybody else got objections about pineapple and pizza? Didn’t think so!

But… whaddabout you tards in da back? Thought I forgot ya, didn’t ya! Hah! Remember dat little disagreement we had about hotdawgs and ketchup? Thought Filthie would fuggetabaddit? I don’t forget NOTHIN’!

How’djya like a little pineapple on ya hotdog?  Ya gonna eat it, and ya gonna LIKE it! 


Fire up da BBQ on dese arseholes, Jack!
They seem to need remedial edjyacashun on hotdogs and
table manners…


  1. What the hell you got against pineapple? The stuff is great, on its own. Pineapple doesn't need hot dogs, pizza or whatever else you try to embellish it with. Fresh pineapple is nectar to the gods but canned rings or spears work if you can't get the fresh stuff.

  2. Man, had to stop and watch all of that... now I'm starving!
    All three of those dogs look yummy and do you know why that is Glen? No damn Ketchup!

  3. Go to germany for a real pizza treat: Tunafish and artichoke hearts. I shit thee not!

  4. Count me as a reprobate if you must. I will eat almost anything on a pizza, even the stinky little fishies. And I do like pineapple occasionally, ELSEWHERE than on a pizza.