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Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Unholy Concoctions


When I violently overthrow the gubbimint of Canada I am going to annex the USA and then impose harsh and brutal morality laws and death squads to enforce them.

The Starbucks will be raided the same way any brothel will. The wahmen, fornicators, whores, sinners and perverts will be punched, kicked and slapped into waiting paddy wagons and hauled off to work camps where they will get 30 days of hard labour.  Then my men will go back in the shop with flame throwers and sledge hammers and take care of the “coffee equipment”. The only permissible coffee additives will be milk, cream and sugar, and only women and children will be allowed to do it.

Is that what I think it is in the pic? Some butt blasting gay hipster is putting coffee in beer? 🤮

Those degenerates will go into the camps to be made into soap or beautiful lamp shades, or composted depending on the quality of their skin.

Great days and moral redemption await.


  1. What accounts for your intense dislike of brothels? I don't dispute the treatment of Starbucks...but really, a gal has to make a living and services rendered for services contracted...

  2. Haha Glen, you really are a stubfart. Read the label, its not beer. The silly Japs started it I think with their iced coffee. It's now devolved into cold brew. For gods sake drink coffee hot like a man or grow a man bun. Totally with on flaming the Starbucks and other abominations

  3. Cold Brew coffee is just that, cold brewed coffee. Its very nice on a hot afternoon when a hot drink would be a little too much. Stumptown is one I wish I could get. As for Starbucks...puke! Same with DD or almost any of the chain coffees. I will drink WaWa coffee when I am back east though.

    1. Your weasel words annoy me Highlander. But there can only be one!

      Guards!!!! Arrest this man!!!! 30 days on Tim Horton's donuts and black Folger's coffee will straighten him out!!!

      Cold coffee indeed!!!! Better haul away Dakota too!!!! And Jack, Pete, Quartermain, M... I better make a list...

  4. So it isn't mixed with beer? Putting obnoxious coffee in respected containers will be a crime in my new republic too...

  5. In the hot weather here, my third cup o' the mornin' goes over ice. Hot or cold, it's coffee, plain and black. Cream and/or sugar is for children.
    I'm too cheap to patronize those frou-frou coffee drive-ups anyway, and I don't even know how to order my cuppa joe at one. On the road, it's truck stop coffee for me.

  6. It's just cold coffee in a bottle.