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Wednesday, 4 August 2021

4 Dimensional Chess


Whenever some political turd brain is overcome by their own stupidity and/or lunacy, their fans always say. "He/she/it is playing 4 dimensional chess, and you are too retarded to figure it out...'. Trump and Hillary played a lot of 4D chess, so I am told. Biden is to senile to play anything.

I am watching those lunatics trying that case for all the violent grannies and stubfarts that invaded the capitol buildings on January 6 - resulting in those craven swine to bring in the tanks and barbwire and set up kangaroo court for the perps. Not one of those shits has said a word about Ashli Babbit - that chick who got shot in the throat by some affirmative action hire with a gun. No legal actions on her behalf either.

There sure is  a whole bunch of 4D chess going on these days.

Or something.

1 comment:

  1. They do things that don't achieve anything we want. Either they are stupidly, blindly fumbling, or they don't want to do anything we want them to.

    The best theory seems to be that they are irredeemably evil.