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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Gun Violence Is Increasing In Canada

 So I am watching one of my favourite stubfart channels on JewTube this morn.

Mike is awesome. He is a kindly old gent with a penchant for history and archaic arms of all sorts, but he specializes primarily in black powder geekery. Before the vid starts up you have to put up with the mandatory commercials. Some you can vote up or down and skip (I downvote them all, I hate ads on general principals, and I skip them if possible). But one of the ads that always comes up on the mandatory ads is the one from the faggots at the CFC - the Canadian Firearms Centre where all that wholesome and life saving gun control comes from in Canada. And their ad has some Concerned Woman warning that gun violence is up in Canada and I should immediately contact the CFC.

GRRRRRRRR. If gun violence is up in Canada it is because of two things: more violent stupid people from the turd world solving their Darwinian problems with guns - and suicides. Gee, the Turdo gubbimint locked everyone down for a year and a half, made them wear face diapers and close their small businesses and many won't reopen. Clinical depression shot through the roof ... and the paper pushing leather elbowed vibrants at the CFC will tell me how I can fix it. 


I have a message for our affirmative action flunkies at the CFC and the social engineers at JewTube:



We are coming up on an election year and maybe this has something to do with that? The libs are on the airwaves warning that if they don't get reelected, the conservatives will cancel all funding to health care and all the seniors will die a hideous and ghastly death. Twitter and Bookface degenerated into moral and intellectual cesspools... and it looks like OyTube is going to go the same way...


  1. Are the Canadian urban politicians being as stupid as the American ones when it comes to handling gangs and urban crime? If so, that is a large part of the problem...

  2. Pretty much. Nobody goes to jail in Canada and you can’t arrest a vibrant without committing a racism…

    I don’t mind seeing criminals waste each other and might even argue that we should supply them with free ammo - but it annoys the hell out of me when the shitlibs start coming up with idiotic gun control legislation as a result…

  3. I'm guessing you don't use the Brave browser. It blocks add on YT (aside from anything the video makers insert).

  4. Jabrwok is right about the browser. Brave is the only browser that allows a person to actually read some these sites - ads are floating and popping up all over the page, then the source demands you 'subscribe' to continue reading. Bleh.

    Note that in the U.S. of A., the places where I'm most likely to need to be armed are, by sheerest coincidence, the places where the local government has the most Draconian gun laws, and most times prohibited self-defense. Chicago is the prime example of this.

    When people in the know, such as government security types and off duty law enforcement, refuse to venture into downtown Chicago or the South Side of Chicago, it's time to put one in the chamber and detour.

  5. Tank Abrams has a 30 sec asthmatic pops up on my YouTube occasionally. Just seeing that face triggers my Tourette’s.

  6. I will get on it - thanks for letting me know guys!!!