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Thursday, 26 August 2021

Okay Well…Now Ya Know


Trump had the mass media eatin’ outta
the palm of his hand…
While those awful, awful journalists
pick on poor ol’ Joe.

Apropos of nothing at all…
I feel the need of something to bind my bowels.


  1. Strap that idiot to a polygraph and it's gonna say he's telling the truth. Ohh, it's Pure and Utter BULLSHIT, but that clown believes it.. Betchya

  2. I remember the secret agent movies, and shows, from the sixties. Brainwashing was a common theme, and now we have a shining example of the result of this procedure. It's amazing, and makes me take inventory of what I have for defense, and survival.

  3. Sweet Mary, mother of pearl! Did I wake up in bizarro-world? Next thing you know they'll be telling us Bigfoot is real.

  4. That moron probably believes that.