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Thursday, 5 August 2021

Precision Weed Whacking


These little buggers escaped from
the wife’s flower box.
They’re around the side of the shed where only I can see
them, I suppose.


  1. I have a different invader at my place. Canada violets. Those things are spreading all over. You damn Canuckistanis are getting as sneaky as the Chinks. First it was Asian stink bugs and then it was Rice Rabies aka Chinkie Pox. Now it's these white flowers from above our northern border choking out everything. Wait, I almost forgot. The Chinese weren't the first. It was Anne Murray ear worms from the Great White North in the seventies. Then even worse was Celine Dion and Justin Bieber. May you evil, toque wearing, Moose Head swilling demons rot in hell.....

    1. Oh gawd.

      Anne Murray, Celine McBallgargler, and last (but not least) - the great big fat diesel dyke, K.D. Lang! What was it for the guys? Gordon Lightfoot and some other wank... they were fair enough artists, but the CBC just played them all to death. Music should be appreciated - not played.

    2. Well, I gotta admit that I kind of like Anne Murray and Gordon Lightfoot in small doses. We don't hear them too often even on the oldies stations anymore, so when they do come on it's kind of nostalgic. Never cared much for Moosehead beer because it was always skunked by the time that it would get here to the states. My favorite Canadian beer is Alpine, which is a Moose Head brand made in New Brunswick. I think that it's only available in the Maritime Provinces. I'd always suck down a bunch at camp during bear season when I would be up that way and bring a case back home to Pennsylvania. Alas, I quit going up there 14 years ago.....