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Sunday, 1 August 2021

Rude Joke Of The Week


I swear, half the time you see some political pinhead or pundit going off about current events - they look like something off of Batman or the teenage mutant killer turtles.

I need a supervillain costume! I encourage your participation in the comments! (Not you, Pete (or M, now that I think of it (or Quartermain, WL, BP, TB, etc adnauseum...))).

Serious suggestions only, violators will be frowned upon!

It is already hotter than hell here - hope you guys are having a great Sunday and staying cool!




  1. Those two actually look like the "B Team" of villains.

  2. If those are Batman Villain's then they are so low on the food chain that Batman doesn't know they exist

  3. Agree with Matt -this is what happens when all the good superpowers are already taken.

  4. I have some ideas about a costume for you, Glen. It's just that I am having difficulty in putting it into words......

  5. Those two look like underdeveloped characters on Ren and Stimpy! No way in HELL I'm dressing up like them!

    1. That settles it! You MUST be my sidekick now, Pete!!!

      We will have to dress up in our costumes and maybe knock off a liquor store. Or tie Justin Turdo to the railway tracks. Maybe we should beat the pooh out of Batman? I can hold his arms behind him while you beat him up from the front...?

  6. Maybe something like this?