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Thursday, 30 September 2021

The Clowns Of Cnut World


I don't get it. When I was a kid, the female lead villains in the old Disney cartoons looked like that. They say ya can't judge people by their looks but I call bullchit - that woman has a team of make up artists and professionals and she still looks that? HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Supposedly these are the people that shape our opinions and keep us informed.

It  has to be deliberate. No woman would look like that by choice, and I doubt her staggering stupidity is sincere. She is an actress playing a role.

Not A Fan


I had a difficult time with Buffalo Trace bourbon. Maybe I am getting old and my taste buds are shot? It wasn’t bad in any way…it just seemed flat. Have ya ever seen those horrible power-skirt women that pose as men? The Tom boys that never grew up, and smoke cigars and think they’re impressing people? This bourbon would be perfect for them. Just like that Glock, I suppose, HAR HAR HAR!

I think I prefer Blanton’s.

Hate Crime De Jour

 Election Denialism: apparently the the last election was won and lost fair and square, and only the usual deplorable racists, homophobes, fascists and conspiracy loons think otherwise. I suppose that lets me out… but what say the rest of you? If what I am seeing in the innertubes is correct… there is ample evidence of massive fraud. The mass media blackout of the subject would seem to support that. To suggest otherwise is heresy and apostasy…?  I’m not really understanding what I am seeing up here in Canada. Did the audits show fraud or not?

Must Be A Chick Thing….?


Ever see these things…?

If ya ever lose ya baseball you can always use one of these baby pumpkin things I suppose. The wife has been buying them for years and I have no idea what she does with them. Do they eat them? Before he divorced the daft bint, my brother in law’s demonic first wife invited everyone over for supper and served pumpkin soup.


I don’t care what anyone says. Eggplants and pumpkins aren’t food.

A Drafty Farmhouse


While back, the discussion round the Thunderbox was kerosene lamps or stoves. Being a hip youngster, the days of such things was largely past by the time I became aware of them. But my parents had them, and my grandparents... and they hated them with the heat of 1000 suns. I can see why - damn things STINK! 

I think it was Judy that said in the drafty old farm houses that wasn't really a big deal. The old houses  breathed a bit so the fumes got carried away before they became loathesome. This house looks like it might breathe a bit too and be drafty in the winter…

Old And New


It’s A Tough Call These Days!


Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Not Available In Any Store!!!

 From an advert brought to us by our good friends at JewTube!!! This knife was banned because it was too sharp!!!

My test of sharpness is the ol’ shave the arm hair thing. If it takes hair it’s sharp enough for anything I gotta do. I can get most of my knives there. I’m far more interested in how long they retain their edge. From what I am seeing, Japanese blades are the best there are, they’re hand made and they are expensive enough to induce nosebleeds. In all things the old adage holds that you get what you pay for, generally speaking.

The Filthie Girl Watcher

A couple of beauties…

Street Theatre



They actually found someone to wear the swastika!!!

The Z Man once gave a lecture on the politics of our day: when the activists are trying to gin up a crowd for a demonstration, they always play it the same: they wave an empty SS Stormtrooper uniform around and dramatically tell ghost stories about it to frighten and anger the crowd. Then the carnies will dare anyone in the audience to come up on stage and put it on… and some twerp always does. He’s usually a loser looking for attention, or a random loon; but he puts on the outfit…and the show is on!  The crowd showers their new villain with rotten vegetables, boos and hisses…and the bad guy is run off the stage. Afterward, the obese SJWs, the sexual degenerates, the drug addicts and socialists high five each other and brag about how they personally defeated someone Literally Worse Than Hitler. The moral of the story is that anyone can wear that uniform… or be made to wear it.

Then they talk about rounding up Trump supporters, setting up camps for the unvaxxed, and pound the table demanding vax passports - except for vibrants of course. 

It is a show that I am heartily sick of.

Humpday Rude Jokes


Shit Stains


I dunno what it is about cast lead and polygonal rifling. But it gives me the heebeejeebies. In the manual you get the usual legaleze, weasel words and ass covering:

Any modifications to the gun void the warranty

Shooting reloads voids the warranty

Shooting cast lead in the gun voids the warranty

Cheating on your score card voids the warranty…

I have been assured by any number of knowledgeable shooters that hard cast lead is not a problem in guns with polygonal rifling and they do it themselves all the time with no problems. 99.9% of the ammo I shoot are reloads. Corporate and legal paranoia are a big downer in this sport, so much so that most of us pay lip service to it - but that’s it. I don’t mess around; if I need a trigger job my gunsmith can do the job. And all my ammo is reloaded and safe, and easily as good as the factory stuff. Of course I will lie and cheat on my score card! That’s half the fun of it!

But for whatever reason, the cast lead thing makes me uneasy. I fired 20 through the big HK and then soaked it in a lead solvent… and the patches came out looking like….GAH! All that brown stuff on the cleaning patch is dissolved lead. Maybe I need to cast my boolits harder? That’s a lot a lead to be pulling out of a gun with only 20 rounds through it…

I Wanna Kill Grandma...





Tuesday, 28 September 2021





Hmmmpppfff. I dunno if this isn’t yet another German war crime or inspiring burgercraft. Burgs? Deep fried in oil…???

Granted… these aren’t real burgs as they are made from disgusting sea creatures… but I’ve been watching this guy for awhile and he does this with perfectly good meat burgs too. Y’know I’ve never eaten a deep fried burg before. Any a youse guys done it? Was it any good?


Monday, 27 September 2021

The Filthie Witcher

With Halloween fast approaching I have been contemplating how to handle the onslaught of spooks, hobgoblins and witches that happens at the end of October every year. Holy talismans like bibles and crucifixes are a good idea, as are silver bullets - I have AB doing a production run on them for me right now, HAR HAR HAR!!!!! 


Rest assured I will be in a position to fight evil when the day arrives. But there is more to hunting and war than just artillery - ya gotta know the game too! So maybe a deep dive into witchery is in order? Let us consult the scientific experts first! It appears a certain doctor by the name of Ed Dutton has done a historical investigation into witchcraft and his work can be crudely condensed and summed up as per The Z Man:

"Dutton’s thesis is that starting in the Little Ice Age, Western societies adapted to the harsh conditions by becoming more internally cooperative, intolerant of dissent, and hostile to outsiders. Society became far less tolerant of behavior that did not contribute to group fitness, because the population groups of Europe were forced to compete with one another for scarce resources.

What feminists call patriarchy is just an adaptation to harsh conditions. It ensures procreation, encourages male investment in the offspring, and, most important, reduces conflict between males for mates. When the females are under control, the males did not have to fear being cuckolded, so they could invest their time in things other than mate guarding and cooperate with other males in those activities."


Hmpppppffffff. It's certainly plausible than the idea that men burned innocent women for fun and amusement. 

Maybe we better check the credentials of this "doctor" of history? 

Yep. Predictably - he's a nazi and a misogynist.  Ooooooh those awful far right ideologues!!!! I will just bet he's a racist and a homophobe too!!!! It's just as I said - checking your facts by using the mass media or the institutions is like getting the town drunkard to do it. No - scratch that! The town drunk would be a better source of information than our media and institution slobs!

How DOES  a guy fact check anymore? My family collapsed due to the selfishness and depravity of my daughter. So it goes for these angry 5th wave feminists, slut walkers, social justice warriors and other morons. How many families have they destroyed? It is no coincidence that their cities where they rule are starting to burn and are rocked by riots. They never seem to attain any kind of happiness or contentment either.

Z is right. We can reckon with our witches, or God and Darwin will reckon with us.

Monday Morn Philosophication


That Split Second Before I Got My Eyes Pecked Out…

… I said, “Madam, those have to be the ugliest kids I’ve 
ever seen! And while we are being honest
with each other… they seem to be a bit on the dumb side too…” 

Perusing The Monday Morning News




Sunday, 26 September 2021

The Filthie Conspiracy Theorist


The Georgia Guidestones got hit again.
I’ve heard about them but have no real details so I looked them 

I dunno if it is the work of the anti-Christ or a stirring call to reason. When imposters and poseurs put on airs of cultural sophistication through the appreciation of “art”… you get stuff like a crucifix in a beaker of urine.

These things just give me a seriously evil vibe. The anonymity of the consortium that commissioned it, the celestial orientation, the time capsule… this thing was not put together by your average pot headed turd brained shitlib queer or pedophile. There has been serious thought and effort and money put into this.

I’ve spent a lifetime watching leftists and libturds come up with the loftiest goals wrapped up in the most noble rhetoric… and they ALWAYS get the polar opposite of what they say they’re trying to achieve. And they always claim success too. Just societies? Tranquil multicultural and diverse cities? Empowered, happy women and racial equality? They can’t pull my finger any more, I am already out of gas! 

Whatever. I think there is genuine evil here, and if someone were to dynamite that thing, I’d consider it a relief! Even for intelligent people that can see… there is so much evil around that is just plain invisible, and you won’t see it until it’s too late. I can feel a lot of that here.

Perhaps, At The End Of The Day?



Well the sonsabitches are finally letting up this year. It is starting to get darn chilly at night. We don’t freeze yet…but it comes close, some nights. The ones at the rod n’ gun club were just horrible. I got bit for the first time in decades.

I don’t take shit off bugs but I don’t disrespect them either. Honey bees are flying pussycats and wonderful neighbours if you don’t get them mad, and most yellow jackets can be gently shooed away. I do a super fast swat on the really aggressive ones to stun them and step on them and butt them out like a cigarette when they fall. Once I had one try to bite me and he menaced me for five minutes straight. He was too fast to swat, and I was too fast for him to get a grip on. I danced around swatting and flapping and gobbling in fright but no way was I going to run. I finally tired him out and deftly swatted him to the ground on the garage floor. Probably broke something… he was crawling round on ground and couldn’t fly. I was so damned mad at that point, I grabbed the Benz-O-Matic plumber torch off the bench, sparked it up… and went back to that bug and with cold fury I burned him down to ash! I understand hornet rage, but will not put up with it! Bastards. Hork! Spit!

The one that got me out at the club though, wasn’t aggressive at all. He was a sneaky sonofabitch that landed lightly on my arm, so softly I didn’t even feel it. I think he only got a half a stinger into me before I swatted him away. I wonder why they always get so mean and aggressive in fall…?


Interesting artwork as far as it goes…
But I woulda heat the steel shoes up and bent them through and around
each other for the ‘knot’ effect…

Sunday Morning Breakfast Suggestion


Improvise. Adapt. Overcome…


I find myself being hoist on the same petard my father was. I only just realized it.

When Pop retired he continued to carry a day timer with him even though all his time was his own and he had no real deadlines or schedule conflicts anymore. Pop was a man that insisted on structure and order even when there was no longer any structure or order to keep, and those things were whatever he decided they would be. I laughed at him then - I mean… what was he doing with that thing? Scheduling the lawn mowing and planning dog walks weeks in advance? HAR HAR HAR!😂👍

Now I find myself in the exact same boat as I struggle with long term unemployMINT. My day timer is downstairs in a box underneath my steel toe boots, business card holders, hard hat and other work crap. But although I understand Pop… I’ll be darned if I am dragging that thing out again. But without it… I found that I became a procrastinator. It really is the damnedest thing. It is so easy to look at the more unsavoury chores and just say, “Screw it! I’ll do it another day!”. Everyday I’d see some little error, or some misalignment in my universe and say, “One a these days I am going to fix that…” and of course, the day never comes. At work you’d get shot for that and rightfully so. But the temptation to do that when you are off the clock is almost irresistible. At least for me, it was. I started shirking and slacking without even realizing it and if ya do enough of it… you will get mentally constipated and be left out of sorts. Procrastination, shirking and slacking are deadly sins and vices that’ll creep up on ya if you’re not careful. 

Rather than dragging a day timer around like Pop… I started up a covert chit list on my cell phone. Nobody knows it’s there but me. And every time I see something round the castle that doesn’t pass muster, it goes on that list and by God… eventually it is going to get done or fixed come hell or high water. Every day I set out time for the especially loathsome chores and force myself to get them done… and gawd does that feel good. There is something satisfying about knocking these things off a list. I need to do more of it. The biggest hell of it is that there is still ample time for R&R. A lot of problems get worse if you ignore them… a stitch in time and all that I suppose.

I wish you all a restful Sunday, and that you have the satisfaction of a rest well earned. Thanks for stopping by.