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Saturday, 18 September 2021

And Now The Work Begins



  1. Yup!
    Even more so for moose hunting.
    Jeeezus...ya can't even gut the damn thing without some help.
    It's a lot of fun up here in Maine going out on a moose hunt.
    Many of the folks out in the woods are rednecks just like me, (and you, I suspect), and riding around looking for the big dumb bastids to shoot, you naturally run in to other hunters.
    Quite a lot of beer consumed, and if you're lucky, you can score a place to stay out in the woods, which means a lot of good meals, all meat, of course.
    Once you drop that big bastid, though, the fun part is OVER.

  2. This is the killer for a lot of old, fat, out-of-shape hunters. This guy doesn't appear to even have a nearby tree to raise the carcass off the ground. Means he has to quarter it just to pack it out, and hope he can do it before dark or predators claim it from him.
    Just like making sure that you motorboat UPSTREAM in case your engine goes poof, always consider your line back to the truck. Here in mountain country, it seems it's always at the bottom of a steep canyon where you find your prize.

  3. Looks like he harvested the beast with a side-by-side shotgun.

    Making do. It worked for him.