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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Be Still, My Beating Heart: Humpday Martini


The guys at Ruger single handedly revived the classic single action revolver,
and the falling block single shots rifle.

Why in hell can't somebody revive the Martini Henry?
I hear the idiots at Remington are spinning up again and promise up and down
not to produce junkers this time...
Something like this would be a great way to prove it.

Bring back the classic ammo for it back too:
The .450-577 Martini!
Sometimes getting bulseyes and bull moose
is secondary to the way you do it.


  1. Beautiful. The buttplate is art on its own.

  2. Yes, Ruger makes a single shot rifle, but you have overlooked my favorite, the Winchester High Wall.

  3. New stainless Martini-Henry in 45-70 Govt! Perfect for all occasions! I'd buy that for a dollar! Or two thousand.