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Friday, 24 September 2021

Chinkpox? Or Mad Cow Disease?


Stupid old women hardest hit! News at 11:00!


  1. Howmuchy'wannabet neither of those two dirigibles were actually positive for Chinavirus? After all, the whole show was supposed to revolve around the interview with the cameltoe. How much of her hyena laugh can even the staunchest Lefty take??? Hell; they're probably afraid someone will force her to become a member of the red mist society and decided to keep her in the bordello... "Can't go in there "madame." Chinavirus..." SOOO convenient...

    1. Howmuchy'wannabet

      I had to read this three times before I could decipher it. He's asking if I'd like to place a wager, and if so, how much, on the outcome of COVID tests for two talking heads.

      ...neither of those two dirigibles

      Ha! Ha!
      Ha! Ha! Ha!

      Nailed it! This description is funny because it's accurate.

      ...were actually positive for Chinavirus?

      I'm not betting. I think it's possible, even likely, that the pseudo-intellectuals in question did not test positive for COVID, but that the network needed this result. I think it's even more likely that the Hyena in question tested positive and so is supposed to be in quarantine, but isn't, because that doesn't fit in with the current moonbat thinking.

    2. It’s all voodoo. Other than comedic relief, the prattling of those old whores isn’t worth taking seriously….πŸ˜‚