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Friday, 24 September 2021


Any idea what this one is?
He certainly looks edible…

 He looks like some kind of grouse or other upland game bird.
The common uplanders round here are ruffed grouse - they’re
everywhere and they’re so dumb you can walk up to them and goon them with
9 iron.
Sage grouse, on the other hand, are murderous. They
tend toward the flat open country and getting
within scattergun range makes for some very challenging 


  1. It appears to me to be a blue quail, often called scaled quail for obvious reason. They would rather run than be flushed out. Common in some years in arid areas of Texas and nearby.

  2. Here in the once great state of Pennsylvania the ruffed grouse is our state bird. Unlike the ones in Canada, ours either flush 30 - 40 yards ahead of you or hide in the grass and wait until you lay your shotgun down to fish out a smoke and then flush right next to your foot while making a hellacious noise and scaring the piss out of you. We call them "thunder chickens". I don't know why they act so differently from the Canuckistan grouse. I hunted them on my last trip to New Brunswick back in 2007. I took ten over two days with ten shots. They just sit there along the dirt roads eating clover and won't fly away until you almost walk up and kick them in the ass. How can you miss?

  3. Yeah, Wisconsin grouse are damn tough to hunt, just about impossible without a dog and the reflexes of a 20-year old. Ours also like to wait until you are about 10 feet past them and then flush behind you, or after you have set your gun down and are watering a tree. I don't know about these tame Canadian grouse - must be something in the water up there.