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Monday, 20 September 2021

Filthie’s Afternoon Horror Theatre

 "The feminists howled, of course, but they could not stop a train they had set in motion. Bots replaced them not just for sex but for all the work women would no longer do. Once again, men came home to clean houses, great meals, ironed shirts, and well-mannered sons. What men had traditionally regarded as “girls’ stuff” was now “bots’ stuff”, at a lower price and with no headaches." - William S. Lind

I wonder if it’d be all that bad and would actually work that way?

Years ago my father in law and I were on what would be our last hunting trip out together. At night we sat by the fire and smoked cigars largely in silence. Out of the blue he started talking about how he wished he’d never married his wife or had become a father. It caught me totally by surprise. Silently I topped up our glasses and re-lit my stoagie from a taper in the fire. He started talking about girls he knew in the late 50s and early 60s as he stared into the fire and it was disconcerting as hell. I didn’t know what to say. Doug was a henpecked man, I could see how living with that woman of his could be soul crushing. I suppose today we call women like that “Karen’s”. I kept my silence and tried to focus my attention on savouring my cigar and my dram. He’d spent most of his life married to that woman and to hear him talk like that just left me out of sorts. I felt sorry for him, and prayed that I’d never find myself talking like that when I was his age. He’d have done well in a world where women were replaced by sexbots.

If I were to go back light years in time and sit down by that fire with our younger selves, I’d speak my piece too. Unlike my father in law I married very well. As a husband I was a good man too. We had our bumps and lord… some of those bumps and lumps were hard and I still feel the aches and pains from them…but we did well. Others have done much worse.

We failed as parents. Badly. I had no idea what I was doing, and had every shitlib femcnut in my ear correcting me and telling me how it should be done. I wish to God I’d never been a father either. Looking back on my life, a world without women would be empty somehow, no matter how good the AI simulacrums  got, and no matter how bad today’s women get.

Today, the old man is in a wheel chair, with his family scattered on the winds. He eats through a tube in his stomach, and Parkinson’s has left him with nought but two brain cells to rub together. I doubt he’d remember me at all nowadays, or our hunting trip in the glorious fall foothills on on the eastern slopes of the Rockies. And that rancid hag of a wife he wished he’d never met? She wheels him around and cares for him with tenderness and love now. She helps him take a bath, she helps him onto the pot, she strolls him around in a wheelchair.

I wonder, as men and women, regardless of the culture or times… I wonder if we are only reflections of each other’s virtues and vices? Would a bot be able to reflect yours back at you?


  1. I've been in a few conversations like that. And I always held my peace because I felt I didn't have the experience to weigh in.

    I have a lot more experience now, but times have changed a lot. My old antique ways don't mesh well with the slippery morals that exist in these "enlightened times".

    You never know what the future holds. If you are an honorable man, when your younger self promises God Himself, in front of those witnesses, "till death, for better or worse", you will.

    I did. And I kept at it, even when it started to shake, and roll, and left the rails. Heck fire, I'm still abiding by that promise even though it's been as long as it has. I hope that I'm not fooling myself, that there is a spiritual aspect that regards upholding my word as righteous. I'm trusting in that. Nothing in life is warranted to be easy. Least of all the relationships of Adam and Eve's kids.

    The fact that he didn't bail back then shows me there was honor in him. I chose to see it that way, anyhow, until proven wrong.

  2. I think you have the right of him STxAR. These enlightened times mislead some, and put them at odds with each other and us too.

  3. Sorry to say Glen, buuutt if she is as big of a "shitlib" as you say then her taking care of him and pushing him around in a wheelchair has less to do with love and more with her desire to be seen in a favorable light by those around her. virtue signaling old age edition.
    At least that's how it played out with my grandparents, once the old man was dead grandma went right back to her old ways till the day she died.

    1. Yeah, I dunno Anon. Those two LIVED to virtue signal and keep up with appearances most of their lives. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right.

      But … there is nobody for them to signal to anymore. They’re just a couple lonely old geezers in their final years. There is nobody to impress, nothing to notice. Priorities change as you age… and I think theirs now are about being comfortable and dying well…?

      Who knows?

  4. Thanks for the link to the Lind vignette. I could see something like that actually happening, especially if artificial uteruses can be miniaturized and carried inside the fembots, along with on-board DNA splicing so the children aren't just clones of the father. Real-life Stepford Wives (who were only a holy horror to the feminist protagonist of the story if I understand it correctly...should probably watch that movie or read the book).