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Friday, 17 September 2021

Friday Music: Personal Business


“The Invisible Empire”  is about those inflection points in our lives that come around every so often for some of us where we discover that we are not the people we thought we were, and the world is not what we perceived it as. For me this happened several years ago when I found out that I was not a father and my family had turned into something I truly hated. I wanted to burn it and sweep it all away. My daughter beat me to it. That girl is her father’s daughter even so and reflects poorly but truly on me I suppose.

Experience may not travel at the speed of light but it is relative, and how it affects me may be entirely different from how it affects you. For some reason I feel a similar life inflection point on me now. As my world changes… I feel stirrings of profound change within myself even though I can’t put them into words. I am suffering from a psychological hangover of sorts, trying to process data I don’t understand and can’t qualify or quantify.

I like the way KT paints with her voice and her guitar.


  1. Towards the end of WW2, the allies moved so fast, they "ran off the map." You and I both have been here this year. In my mind, we are off our map into unknown territory. It is dangerous since we don't know it. And danger brings up our senses.

    Here's hoping and praying your puzzle pieces start to fit so you can get the picture.

    1. Y’know STxAR… that is EXACTLY it.

    2. The allies hid from the press, and with good reason given what was happening. General Patton told Truman to give him the green light and he'd take Moscow, and he'd make it look like the USSR started it. Then he got killed in an auto accident. I think Patton could have done it, and the world would be a much better place today.

    3. do you think the accident was an assassination??