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Saturday, 11 September 2021

Gun Safe Find

 I was on the email with a blog visitor  and we were swapping info on fighting guns - the 45 ACP in particular - and he knows his way around the gun. I was bitching about the fact that I don’t have a dedicated SHTF-self defence-social work-hobgoblin slayer. FFS - I am going senile.

One a the fags in the machine shop fabbed up
flash suppressor for it. I should have asked him to make a can.
It was a great joke…but I actually like it.
It puts more weight out on the muzzle of the gun
and my scores actually went up a bit!
It looks retarded as hell… but it works.
I dunno if it suppresses muzzle flash or not and don’t really

This is what the Glock 19 should have been.

I nearly shot Kim du Toit and the entire Nation Of Riflemen when they started making fun of H&K 100 years ago. I guess one of the wanks had an issue with one and the faggotry piled on and started making rude jokes about it. They called them “Heckler &Cack” and came up with the saying, “Never buy an HK - because you suck, and we hate you… A-HYUK A-HYUK A-HYUK!!!”

Assholes!🤬 I think they all suck!!!

I forgot that I had one stashed at the back of the gun safe with 4 mags and decided to drag it out. This one is the old HK USP Tactical and has the DA/SA trigger, excellent adjustable sights, 10 round mags, and a safety that can safely drop the hammer on a chambered round (which I don’t like) OR like the standard safety on a 1911. It’s a civilian version of the Mark 23 used by the SOCOM guys and the only real difference between them is that theirs had a larger trigger guard to allow for the use of gloves.

Say what you want about HK… but this thing will shoot circles around a Glock and most standard1911s. It takes a tuned and hand fitted competition gun to beat this one and even then it will be a close race. The only downsides I can find with it is that it is a large gun (which I think makes it easier to shoot well, but harder to conceal) … and polygonal rifling. I will probably never need to conceal carry a gun… but the polygonal rifling pished me off. Supposedly you can’t shoot cast lead boolits in guns so rifled. It says in the manual that the warranty is voided if you use them. But several respected gun geeks say “hogwash!!!” and use cast lead in their guns exclusively. Maybe it’s time for me to give it a go too?

I put about 8~10 thousand rounds through it over a couple years, put it away and forgot all about it! When you’re old and stupid like I am, ever day is a potential Christmas! It’s like getting a new gun!

I dunno about the new offerings fro H&K. If you have any experience with them, feel free to sound off in the comments. In the meantime… it’s time for another holster project!


  1. Mr. Filthie- I hate to say it, but if you actually forgot a faggot whacker like that, you are to submit yourself to the Biden underwear torture. Scrape the skid marks out with your front teeth! You will be allowed to douche your mouth with Hoppes upon completion of said punishment.

  2. Nice handgun. I would love to find it in the back of my safe.

  3. The possible problem I see with the polygonal grooves and cast bullets, would be the difficulty in clearing the lead fouling out of them.

  4. That's what? $1000? $1200? a pop for each one of the pieces? See the trouble is that if you actually ever HAVE to use one of them on some cultural enrichmint mook that kicks in your door at 2 am, you know you are gonna have to give it up for evidence for the next 5 years before you get it back... if you ever get it back.
    Where is the disposable piece you'd actually use and not shed tears over.. you know your 200$ plastic gaat.

    1. I am hooped if I ever have to shoot a failed liberal social experiment. Awhile back a farmer in Saskatchewan came home to fine a truck full of red niggers off the reservation trying to steal his ATV. They were all loaded, they all threatened him and a couple were armed and pointing guns at him and his family. He shot one of the assholes and killed him.

      Instead of giving him a medal, they confiscated all his guns, dragged him through the financial wringer in court, and of course a certain fwench whoreson in the PMO was loudly egging it all on.

      It encouraged Alberta, my province - to adopt a 'stand your ground' law similar to the castle doctrines enacted in most states. Whether it stands up in court or not is anybody's guess. In Canada, innocence is no excuse, and if you are the right colour and blow the right people... you can kill a man in cold blood and not spend a day in jail. Self defense up here is very, very serious business, and the law is no guarantee of justice.

  5. Word on the internet, always reliable, is that bullets made of lead soft enough to swage without fracturing, will maybe lead the barrel and spike pressure. Bullets cast of a decent and respectable alloy, with proper grease lube or powder coating, would have little such problems. I have become a great fan of powder coating, among other things, as a sovereign cure for keyholing 9mm cast bullets. It is my impression that the peculiar dimensions of the 9mmP leade are hostile to conventional cast boolits.

    1. Yep. And the reloading manuals will tell you to never exceed or deviate from their recipes or you blow your face off and those of your entire family going right on back to the Stone Age.

      The bore on that gun is a mirror. I am hoping I will be able to see any build up during the cleaning process. My cast lead loads are all patty cake target loads so with some care I think I should be alright...