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Monday, 13 September 2021



One of the best episodes of the TV show Madmen was when Don Draper had a birthday party for his daughter and all the other fops at work had to come and bring the wife and kids. It was epic: the men had the kids mixing the drinks and they all got smashed; the kids went wild and trashed the place - one little bugger was running around suffocating with a plastic bag over his head - and the oblivious moms paid no heed as the hens prattled about their stretch marks, coped with their own alcoholism, or maliciously gossiped about each other. They stole the scene and made the show. It was way over the top…but made me laugh. 

Folks weren’t that dumb then, nor are… they…………now………….?

What rude jokes will our grandkids and our great grandkids tell about us?


  1. Yeah, Mad Men. Christina Harris was so hot she practically burned out the circuits in my TV.

    I liked that show. Just from listening to the stories from the executives who worked back then, it was pretty accurate. Three martini lunches happened, infidelity with the secretary was a real occurrence. And the Christmas parties? There was always one or two guys you had to keep an eye on, and surreptitiously pour into a cab while they could still walk.

  2. "What rude jokes will our grandkids and our great grandkids tell about us?"

    If that idiot keeps that bag over her head much longer, she isn't going to have to worry about grand-kids. Many of the world's problems are self correcting if given the chance.