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Wednesday, 15 September 2021

Notes From The Pistol Range

Welp - my first foray into serious cast boolit pistolcraft is an unqualified success. I went in the late afternoon the other day when all the retired old stubfarts went home and all the kids were at work. I have to - otherwise the stubfarts talk my ear off, or the kids steal my guns and ammo and I don't get any shooting done. It is all everyone else's fault, none of it is mine I assure you! Dear gawd - what is that horrible stink coming over my blog...? 

In any event, my home made boolits and those made by AB will shoot as good as the jacketed stuff. My pattern holds - I will put three or four into a nice tight little 2-1/2 ~ 3" group... and a flier inevitably opens that up to 4 or 5". That flier is me too, I know it. I can't bench rest a pistol to save my life, I get the same results off the bench that I do shooting offhand off my hind feet. at 50 my groups run around 6" without flyers. Whatever.

For the first time since I bought this pistol back on  '05 or '06... I put some cast lead through the HK USP gun just for the hell of it. I got some shiny lead flakes off on the cleaning patch afterward which is supposedly a bad sign because this is a polygonal rifled gun like the Glock... and for whatever reason the authorities forbid the use of cast lead - while out here in the real world everyone uses them. Supposedly you can blow yourself up doing this but... I dunno. You regularly clean your pistol, don't you? I tore mine down afterward and cleaned it - only put about 20 rounds through it and yep... there's a little lead that scrubbed right out... and I have it soaking in a lead busting solvent right now just in case there is some in there that I can't see. I don't see how there could be - the bore on this gun is a mirror and if a flea takes a dump in there... you will see it. Once I got the cobwebs off Gruppenfurher HK... the old kraut shot like a champ. I didn't shoot for groups, just at rocks and dirt clods on the birm as I sighted it in. I will get after load development with it too... but so far I think I can safely shoot lead in it.

I am usually a note taker on the range when doing my load development but I discovered this reloading app by Vihtavouri - the Scandihoovian gunpowder guys. Download it here - it's free! The guys at Hornady had one at one time but I didn't care for it. Give it a go, if you are so inclined. It's too early to call... but I think I am slowly learning to shoot the Redhawk .45. Like most Rugers, mine has the chittiest trigger you could ask for right from the factory - damn the lawyers all to hell. I could do the springs on it and have a smith smooth it up... but I have my automatics and they both have great triggers. Somebody really needs to put a boot up the ass of the Ruger guys - to put a garbage trigger on an otherwise flawless pistol is an insult to the gunny and to the intelligence. 

The cleaning in the Reclusium continues apace.


  1. If you're getting a regular flier, try three shots and take a two minute break. See what happens.

    With Ruger it's a matter of cost. The want the pistol to retail at a certain price, they have to cut back somewhere. A friend of mine has a Browning Buckmark, and the trigger is fantastic! Every time I shoot it I'm tempted to get a trigger job done on the Ruger - but the pistol will put five out of five in a group the size of a dime. I don't want to mess with that.

    1. Oh it's me, WL... and no bones about it and I know it. That is ultimately the difference between a pistolero and a hack like me - they don't get those annoying fliers because they've trained past it. I simply must do the same...

      I understand the vagaries of pricing and manufacturing and I actually sympathize with it. But this gun came from the factory at around $1200 Canuki if I recall... why not charge an exta $300.00 or whatever and make a good pistol great? S&W cranks out super guns from their custom shop as part of their customer service. Ruger should do the same in my scholarly opinion...

  2. Mr. Filthie- do the gas checks seem to be helping?

  3. Coupla jacketed rounds after that lead stuff will clean it right out.

    This stuff is like a metal scrubbing pad but an alloy "harder than rust but softer than blueing." Wrap a thin strip around a brush and lead stands no chance in a cylinder or bore. If it's serious, chuck a section of cleaning rod in a variable speed drill.