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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Street Theatre



They actually found someone to wear the swastika!!!

The Z Man once gave a lecture on the politics of our day: when the activists are trying to gin up a crowd for a demonstration, they always play it the same: they wave an empty SS Stormtrooper uniform around and dramatically tell ghost stories about it to frighten and anger the crowd. Then the carnies will dare anyone in the audience to come up on stage and put it on… and some twerp always does. He’s usually a loser looking for attention, or a random loon; but he puts on the outfit…and the show is on!  The crowd showers their new villain with rotten vegetables, boos and hisses…and the bad guy is run off the stage. Afterward, the obese SJWs, the sexual degenerates, the drug addicts and socialists high five each other and brag about how they personally defeated someone Literally Worse Than Hitler. The moral of the story is that anyone can wear that uniform… or be made to wear it.

Then they talk about rounding up Trump supporters, setting up camps for the unvaxxed, and pound the table demanding vax passports - except for vibrants of course. 

It is a show that I am heartily sick of.


  1. Never before in the history of man have we enjoyed access to all the information in the world at our finger tips. Yet we starve for one verifiable truth.
    As far as those stupid enough to play a part in their insidious theater deserve any fate they get. Life is supposed to be hard for stupid people. Too bad we made life so safe and easy that these folks never get the chance to remove themselves from the gene pool. It seems that there are enough of these people to elect a old rich mindless fool for president. There is no truth to be found there only a sad sadistic political theater of endless torture. Biden was their best and brightest. Let that sink in.

  2. How true. Y’know…the internet just destroyed me. If some wank tells me the sky is blue and the trees are green - I take it as a bald faced lie until proven correct. It’s a habit now. And I STILL get burned falling for fake news from time to time…