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Saturday, 11 September 2021

The Citizens Of Coopville: Werechickens


They assume human form during the day,
and at night they turn into big nasty chickens that
will peck your eyes out and shit on your truck.

I am not fooled.
I can see them.
They live.

Some women can do that with their hands too.

You Americans are so lucky with all your “3 letter agencies” that protect you from everything… from rag head terrorists right on up to Cartel beaners and space aliens. I have been calling up the RCMP here in Canada to complain about the horrific things going on in Coopville and they don’t even tell me to FOAD anymore…they just hang up.

The fags at camp Borepatch used to rant and rail
about the “militarization of the police forces”.  Friends, if it were up to
me I’d give them flame throwers, bazookas and nukes!!!

BP has gone silent.

Ya don’t suppose the chickens got him, do ya?
I better call the Mounties again…


  1. Don't even try to mess with us. You are warned.......

    1. I am going down to the Reclusium to load some silver bullets, CM!

      I should plagiarize and write a Stephen King novel where anyone that gets pecked turns into a chicken... :)

  2. Why would you give those weapons to the police? Why not let the citizens handle the chickens?

    1. Do you want to see guys like me with nukes, ASM? :)

      Where is that no good accomplice of yours these days? In addition to Coopville I have eyes on Camp Borepatch too - and I notice these things. You are ALL under the closest surveillance!!!